Second Ban Appeal: Xenomorphian

Byond Account:The Xenomorphian 
Character Name(s): Irrelevant (and also I have forgotten)
Discord Name: Xenomorphian#1480
Round ID of Ban: n/a
Ban Message: Homophobic red flag posting and agreeing with Homophobic Individuals

State your appeal: For some reason i can’t private message, so uh let me clarify What do you mean posting red flag homophobic stuff? I don’t remember trying to do that and what do you mean agreeing with someone who was incredibly homophobic because if you’re referring to me replying to any homophobia/transphobia/racism/bigotry with “Based” I’m being jokey and sarcastic

I don’t really consider myself homophobic I don’t look at gay people and seethe in rage, Nor do I have anything against them Can you bring up the specific message itself I said?

No I can’t list any specifics as all of your messages were deleted. All I remember is that you replied that you agreed to someone saying gay people are worthless to society, and even joking about that isn’t ok. It really did not seem like you were joking.

As for the image you posted, it was something weird with Elliot Rogers. I didn’t see it personally. Regardless, your appeal is denied. Don’t make another. You can appeal again in one month.