Security ban for 3 days (First time HoS) (Attacking an assistant with lethals)

Byond Username: Mazen421
Character Name: Maz Ah
Discord: @Ayaya!#2333
Round Id: 11702
Ban message: “Banned from Roles: Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Deputy, Security Officer for 3 days - Round ID #: 11702 Rules Broken: Command/Security/Silicon Responsibilities 1.1, 4.2, Reason: As the HoS, you lethaled a prisoner in a cell who was hitting a window trying to escape. You had so many other means to deal with this and this is not the way to. As the HoS you a held to a MUCH higher standard. Please read Space Law and our rules so this doesn’t happen again.

It was my first time as HoS ever and I was really stressed knowing too well how important this job to the station and the effect a good HoP can cause. I really wanted to try HoP and get better at it since I love people having gimmicks and wanted to help them as much as i can to make the RP more interesting and make it feel more like an interaction rather than just a shooting simulator

At the beginning of a round we even had a ling who just wanted to help people and 3 people wanted to gib them and even the warden tried to but i stopped it all until the captain comes to give their order

So at almost the end of the round an assistant causes some trouble and i put them in jail and leave because everyone was saying blob and it was confirmed and since our warden decided to suicide infront of my office and the other got demoted for attacking the captain I was the only one with armory access so i go ahead to hand over weapons to the sec officers that come so the armory doesn’t get looted or fall in the wrong hands so i leave it with two laser guns in boths hands since my bag is full and wait for anyone that comes to hand it to them to fight the blob and the assistant starts breaking the window with a crowbar and i see they got a clown bag in their hand that probably has a full set of tools and who knows what, i tell them to stop with a warning, i look at my energy gun that is in my suit storage and see it is very low and think it will just stop working if i shoot once, i didn’t recharge it because things were kinda hectic,then look back at them and they didn’t stop i give them a warning shot and they didn’t stop so I did what I must admit now that I am out of the stress is a dumb move and shoot them with the laser gun in my hand, the whole idea was I can’t leave to charge my energy gun because officers might come and need it for the blob and can’t go in like this they are uncuffed and i have no suit storage, in the heat of the moment i didn’t think really well and choose to shoot them until they are crit so i can go leave the guns in the armory and come back cuff them and take them to the brig doctor to heal them, as soon as they dropped I stop shooting and leave to the armory and that’s when an admin contacts me, i was confused at first but i read and saw why an admin was contacting me

I gotta admit like the admin said it wasn’t the best approach to the situation I could of just threw the guns away and went in or used my telescopic shield i had laying in my bag so i am sure i don’t fall down by a push but i was under so much stress of a blob the captain saying the AI is malf earlier and being a first time HoS not wanting to let everyone down, I am hoping you see the situation I was in at the moment, If not i see my mistake now that the round is over and i checking and seeing that their head started bleeding but i didn’t see it now that i am more calm i see what i did wrong and what i couldn’t see at the moment of the heat

HoS is a stressful position (probably the most stressful role on the station imo); however, that’s mostly due to the standards to which HoS is held as far as following server rules/ space law goes. It’s since expired, but it looks like this ban was applied correctly. Please be more mindful of space law and the other things you have at your disposal as command in future rounds.

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