Security officer skipping job expectations to round remove a blood sucker and its vassel with no orders to do so using lava

Round ID: 24203

Date: 1/22/2023
Griefer IC name: Marcelline Clare

What happened:
skipped security protocal expectations and dunked both me (the blood sucker) and my vassel in lava without confirming which of us was the blood sucker essentially round removing a second party against their will while also doing the head of security/captains job of issuing punishment themselves.

hi there! so under our policy we have some antag that are considered “too hard to contain” Antags that are too hard to contain are valid to be immediately executed. The following antags are considered too hard to contain: Changelings, bloodsuckers, heretics, all delta-level threat antags, as well as any perma’d antags that have already escaped containment.
seeing as we are a new player server, i think its reasonable that they wouldn’t know how to un-vassalize someone. hope this helps in the future!

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A reminder that grief patrols are not exempt from being able to talk about on-going rounds and should only be filled after it has ended.