Security revolts because access to armory round start was denied

Byond Account: Demdisco

Character Name(s): Ramon Falzon

Discord Name: PUSSINBOOTS#5935
Round ID: 20657

Date: 6/10/2022
Griefer IC name:
Victoria Belzar
Scotty Willey

Griefer Byond account (if known): I don’t have it

What happened: Shift start, security asks for gear from armory because “it looks cool”, so I tell him no. I get there, and the HoS is just shit talking me and still giving out gear. They decide to kick it up a notch by being useless, and the HoS begins to encourage them to do nothing. Obviously, I demote them, but you can’t really demote security with no admins on.

There were more than these 3 people, but it was these 3 that pretty much caused all of this to happen.
Yes, they quite literally revolted because I denied the armory gear when they had no reason.

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Can confirm, this HoS has opened armory roundstart before because “it never gets used” when I was a warden, and got very mad when I closed it again.

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Dealt with, thanks you for the rpeort

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