Self antag as antag

Byond Account: semicolonthreethreethree
Character Name(s): Not sure was random generation
Round ID of Ban: 25428

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Antag 1.1 Used your antag role as an excuse to attack people well outside of normal escalation rules. Please read our antag policy and appeal when you feel you are ready.
State your appeal: The rule I broke according to the ban is

" * 1.1. Do not needlessly kill those you do not need to outside of your objectives and simply because you can. This includes destroying silicons. Things like covering up evidence, dealing with pursuing security officers, ‘Good Samaritans’ on your tail, and removing a witness, are always acceptable examples. Ahelping ideas for gimmicks may grant an exception to this."

I only killed one person. Came up on a miner murdering someone, I stole their PKA off the floor and walked away. They proceeded to chase me, so I shoot them, they keep chasing, and eventually after like 2 minutes they end up being the one dead. That same miner was a heretic, and they murdered the person trying to sacrifice them. So, basically, if I was say another person in that dude’s department (pretty sure it was a doctor) and saw them being murdered, and I disarmed the miner, they chased me, and we fought and I crit them, that would be perfectly within reason according to the rules, right? But in this case, because I was an antagonist, I just flat out killed them for fighting with me. You could say I started it by stealing their PKA, but really they started it by just murdering a guy in the hall. I read the escalation rules (which isn’t antag 1.1?) and I also did not overescalate with said miner, given as he was murdering someone already. Regarding anything else I did that round, none of it falls under Antag 1.1, which was what I was banned for.
Side notes: The curator who I fought would fall under good sanitarians, and therefore allow me to attack them. Then they crit me, so also that. The ONLY person left is the assistant who I punched for not helping at all with me being chased by the curator (which im certain punching one time even while NON antag is perfectly within the rules) who pushed me onto a glass table in response, so I escalated further by hitting with a toolbox.

  • 1). Escalation resulting in murder is only acceptable within reason. If your life is in danger, you can always fight back lethally, or if a conflict with the other player has lasted throughout the round with multiple fights . In most cases, fights end when one party enters critical condition or is otherwise incapacitated. Theft, break-ins, demotions, destruction of property, getting pranked and other inconveniences are not reasons to murder another player or put them into a life or death situation. Ask what a rational person would do and act accordingly.*
    According to escalation, this is also fine, because I did not even murder them, or actually even crit them. Which is funny, because I was also antagonist, as well.

I was told to read the rules and appeal but reading all the associated rules I did nothing wrong. If this isn’t appealed I want the exact part of the rules I broke because we must be reading different rules.

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This is appealed, sorry for the wait!