Self Antag Cook Round 10648

Round 10676
Character Name(s): Slippy Johnstein

Discord Name: Protosaurus#6936

Round ID: 10648

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Hank Napkins , Duncan Swizer, Medical Android-368, Wraith (226)

What Happened : I tried to stop Hank dragging a stunned psychologist into their kitchen. They had chased him down and dragged him off in the main hallway. I tried to drag the psychologist out of the kitchen, the psychologist got away but I was stunlocked at the kitchen door when i was typing to ask what the fuck they where doing. Hank took my butcher’s cleaver, stripped and gibbed me. Mokoshotar was online as a moderator and ignored/kept resolving my Ahelps. The cooks in question had no antagonist status, the group in question supported and helped the murder of my character.

To clarify, Round 10676 is the round in question. Can’t seem to edit out the other round number

This was sorted out by Moko at the time. Sorry if that didn’t seem clear.