Self-antag on nukie round

Byond Account: Khardyce
Character Name(s): Vee / V.E.E.
Discord Name: Vee
Round ID: 12675
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Chad Chadston
What happened: I was observing a nukie round, and I witnessed Chad Chadston take an SSD guy down the disposal shoot and space him by pulling the airlock lever that would normally space trash. He also killed a prisoner, and maybe more I only watched him for a few minutes. He wasn't an antag, so I feel like this was maybe worth reporting.

if you see stuff like this. always make sure to take screenshots. it helps the admins out so they dont have to dig through piles of logs. thank you though for watching out for others.

Of course! Y’know I was just thinking I should have taken screenshots as I was typing this up haha.

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Dealt with, thanks!