Self antagging chef trying to kill a lawyer for a burger

Byond Account:saluthello
Character Name(s):jacqueline ironmonger
Discord Name:
Round ID:
Griefer Byond account:dunno
Griefer Byond name:Martini Laquini??
What happened:During the hijackers evac i saw this guy slashing a guy laying on the ground as a chef, for apparently stealing his burger?? from what i understand, tried to arrest him his friend/buddy i don't know maybe meta commer kept trying to save him by attacking me, i had to lethal him cause i had no time to heal, it was hijack and super hot.

End of the round they both weren’t antags.
I usually ignore such things, but the amount of self antagging chefs on this server is too much

Also that lawyer that stole the chefs burger wasn’t an antag either

Taken care of! Thanks for the report.