Self antagging food rioters

Byond Account: MentalDecayed
Character name(s): Sammael Macdougal
Discord Name: Mentaldecayed#6355
Round ID: 10114
Griefer Byond name: grady graham, and several other i dont know the name of because they were in mech suits.
What happened: Round start there was no power to botany. they couldn’t grow food and me and the one other chef could not do a thing. a virus broke out with hunger symptom with vomit barfing and it forced people to be hungry. not lethal. just hungry.
food rioters came along and i had to use non lethal cqc on them to force them out of the kitchen. One threatens to make mechs and walks away. after the other guy comes back with a ripley and starts trying to destroy walls, i attack him with my cleaver and grady graham uses shock hand on me and steals my cleaver. Later these guys come back and lethal me to death in the kitchen with some plasmaman i dont have the name of currently. the only force i use is non lethal in the kitchen and on mechs i have no choice but to use tools and lethal. they killed me anyway. even though you cant die from hunger.

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Looking into it.
EDIT: Sorted, thanks for the report.