Self Antaging on War Ops

Byond Account: ShadowAKT

Character Name: J.K. Jenkins

Round ID: 11255

Griefer Byond account: idk

Griefer Byond name: idk

What happened: War Ops, you know the drill. I’m the HoS, nukies arrive, I engage them in the upper main hallway, for a while. I disengage to heal. a botanist, picks up a energy gun off the ground, and unloads it into me. Now I used an Atrophine injector, while I was in combat, so I’m in and out of crit while this botanist is beating me with an oxy tank. I tell then to stop, and that I was the HoS. They said “I know”. I eventually ward them off with a shotgun slug. This 100% halted my fight with the nuke ops, and caused me to take much longer to heal.

I dealt with it in round and warned them not to do something like this again or further action will be taken. Thanks for the report regardless, sometimes these issues aren’t ahelped about/dealt with which causes further problems.