Shitsec officer assulting people

  • Byond Account: IAm13YearsOld
  • Character Name(s): Jennifer Warren
  • Discord Name: DcMonald#9503
  • Round ID: 9895
  • Griefer Byond account: ???
  • Griefer Byond name: Brock Roberts’s
  • What happened: I was running around the station with nothing to do and then i see this sec officer (Brock Roberts) following me so i tested if that was true and it was true that he was following me. He then starts shooting me for no reason so i then i run away from him and he follows me and keeps shooting at me. After his lasergun is out of power he grabs a shotgun and shoot a 12 gauge on me and then he shoots a fire gauge at me. After that he runs away so i go to sec to report him. After being there a while he comes back and flashes me and stuns and stole some stuff from me. After that i stayed there and meet this other guy that has also been attacked by him. He is assulting people and he is also not doing his job.

Dealt with it, thanks.