Shitter of a comms agent spams PDA with Harrasing Messages

Byond Account: Blaberface
Character Name(s): Dimitri Ruvic, KOGNITY
Discord Name: Blaberface#1069
Round ID: 12663
Griefer Byond account: 
Griefer Byond name: Jillie Kepplinger (Syndicate Comms Agent)
What happened: Throughout the round, this person began by sending me PDA messages with ERP intent using a screwdriver as a euphemism.

Then after a bit, started spamming me (Posing as a captain) Announce that I am gay. And believing it was the actual captain a sent a toned down version saying the captain was homo orientated. After the guy began spamming my pda at least 100’s of times with what the fuck did you say to me and yadi yada. Then proceeded to spam me with text walls of fuck you. You’re a waste of air you should self terminate, Holy shit you are bad at AI, Fuck you, AI open door. IAM GOING TO PUT YOU IN A JAR AND PISS ON YOU TILL THE END OF TIME. Just on and on and on. Text walls of this. They did not stop and made it almost impossible to see what is going on in chat. This is just blatant Griefing and Harrasment

Taken care of - thanks!