Smm1013 ban appeal

Byond Account:Smm1013
Character Name(s):Walter Bennet
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Monke Enthusiast#1372
Round ID of Ban:21802

Ban Message: shuttle grief with plasma
State your appeal: first off I would like to state I did not grief the shuttle with plasma, it was orange slime extract. Two, I didn’t realize it was against the rules to grief the shuttle if it was in transit/about to dock, I was just looking to spice things up before the shuttle docked/round ended, I would never intentionally grief to ruin someone’s day. This is one of the few servers I genuinely enjoy playing on and I’d never intentionally do something to get banned.

Your last ban should have been a perma, and this was placed correctly. This is denied. You can re-appeal in 6 months.