SmokeyCat Antagonist role banned by Guillaume Prata

Byond Account:SmokeyCat
Character Name(s):Charlie When

Round ID of Ban:15900

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from Roles: Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Blood Brother, Changeling, Cultist, Heretic, Hivemind Host, Internal Affairs Agent, Malf AI, Monkey, Space Ninja, Operative, Syndicate Mutineer, Revolutionary, Revenant, Head Revolutionary, Syndicate, Traitor, Wizard, Bloodsucker, Monster Hunter for 7 days - Round ID: 15900 Rules Broken: Antag 1.1 Reason: Round removing non target for to steal IDs by decapitating and hidding their corpse. You already got noted for this same issue in the past so take a break to read the rules.
State your appeal:

I will start from the very beginning of the round, i rolled traitor with active objectives of stealing HoSs laser gun and killing an Engineer named Dane McDonohugh.I teamed with other traitor whose objectives were to kill Oliver Oliver Justin (whose body i later found in the hallway and decided to hide it) he agree to help me on my objectives as long as i help with his ( you know how that goes).So to get to my target i need either to hack the engineering department doors or acquire engineering departments id card (The first methode was impossible to accomplish as there were always someone at the foyer) I decided to acquire the card in which i succesfully did by killing Guillaume H. Prata the Atmospheric Technician which also happened to be an admin. Right after covering up the evidence by stuffing his body inside the empty dorm room and copying his id i get bwoinked and asked “Why am i round removing non-targets?” to which i replied that i needed access to engineering to further my objs and that my target is in engineering. As your server rules state i can in fact do that 1.2. Killing players outside of rule 1.1 must directly further your goal, and you cannot permanently remove these players from the round. For example, killing an engineer to gain departmental access with the objective to steal the CE’s blueprints is acceptable. Killing an engineer for her insulated gloves or access to the prolathe without an objective in that department is not. As i see it permanent removal includes gibbing,spacing, or hiding somewhere where paramedics or AIs health monitors wont reach which i did not.
Later i got gibbed by an admin while trying to kill my target and antag banned for 7 days for simply completing my obj`s as a traitor.

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Killing someone to get dept access is fine to an extent; however, as the rule you posted states, you aren’t allowed to round remove another player who is not your target, which you definitely did by decapitating him (which you failed to mention in this appeal for some reason).

[2021-07-28 06:26:11.689] ATTACK: SmokeyCat/(Charlie When) has attacked Guillaume Prata/(Guillaume H. Prata) with double-bladed energy sword (Wielded) (COMBAT MODE: 0) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -115.3) (Dormitories (193,106,2))
[2021-07-28 06:26:12.603] ATTACK: Guillaume Prata/(Guillaume H. Prata) has suffered: Dismemberment Wound to head (Dormitories (192,106,2))

Additionally, staff are allowed to handle issues involving themselves when no one else is online to do it. Guil followed the banning policy regading this, so this appeal is denied.

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