Solid snake ban appeal

  • Byond Account: Nikolikiller
  • Character Name(s):Daulton/Daulton Solid Snake/ Solid Snake
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): dont have one
  • Round ID of Ban:Round 12028
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Reason: Round 12028 Reason self antag as a lawyer rping solid snake got a gun and shot another person to death who hit you one time didnt try to resist you killing them and was trying to talk to you then after the issue was dealt with opening mutliple ahelps to keep arugeing about it this would have just been a note
  • State your appeal: hello i am Daulton, i have been banned because of defending myself, here’s what i did and my viewpoint, (there was two guys but i am pretty sure it was the first one) i acted in self defense the first time, was down there in the 4 way place i was taking cyborg to recharge in bathroom, i was lagging bad so i froze and (this is where my memory either gets hazy or i am overthinking the details) i right clicked him and checked that he had zipties on belt i was in fight or flight so i shot him 3 times (and in no way did i want to self antag, and in the end it will leave you confuzzled) so he (or wrong guy) disarmed me and knocked me down now i remember he knocked me down i checked him i shot him. and when i was up in sec, the HoS was on the floor who came from prison saying “GET THAT (i remember he said a animal species)” so i shot him til incapacitated, again fight or flight. then the lag was kicking in bad, i am using so many commas, so i decided to go up to sec and i saw charlie trying to take HoS fish (which i think is what contractors do) so i thought Contractor, and i know the fish wasn’t outside of the room when i was back from charging, i remember he was on a chair trying to hit a fish (i dont know if you can check hits on the fish but i know he damaged the fish) then when i saw him he dragged the fish down to the blown up jail cell, from what i gathered it was from a lemon bomb a prisoner (THAT I INCAPACITATED/still calm) and then i incapacitated him (what i mean as incapacitated i shot him til he seezed up dead cause he was still revivable, i said LEAVE HIM DEAD, cause he tried to take the fish and when i check him that he had zipties on him (i have no idea if i am remembering this wrong but the more i think, the more far fetched it sounds so read over this cause i am writing my thoughts onto the appeal, i didn’t kill him for pleasure, i saw and i act over impulse cause 10 years of acting on impulse becomes a habit, BRAIN MELTING, ok so i went up to sec chair and had message and sligg said i did bad and i said no and he said i killed him for no reason then i said no he tried take fish and before that he hogtie me but i didn’t get to tell him cause he ended admin ticket so i said hey he was trying to kidnap me but then he revert me back to lawyer and i lost the hard everything and they the guy was brought back to life (never happened to me before after being killed out right) and i was having a big lag spike or the admin froze me and guy dragged me to trash compactor, and thanks to the lag i was not shoved onto the converyer belt but i was stuck on the disposal thing, then he kept trying to turn on the switch and i was telling the admin “HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME” so he looked in logs instead of checking the scene so he would see that he only attacked me with screwdriver but i was dragged in there cause my lag prevented me from moving and as soon as i was near the trash can thingy i regained control but then lag spiked again, then we went straight into trash compactor, i was trying to say to sliggs that he dragged me into trash compactor while i couldn’t move due to lag, god this is long, ok here is version i can say without repeating myself LAG SPIKE HE PULL ME AND DRAG ME INTO TRASH CAN AND HE WENT IN TOO THEN HE GOT BLASTED TO DOOR AND WAS LET IN CAUSE JANI AND I WAS STUCK SO I MESSAGE SLIGG HE LOOKED AT LOG INSTEAD OF SCENE AND I WATCHED AS HE TRIED GET JANITOR TO OPEN DOOR THEN FAILED AND I WATCH HIM KEEP FLIPPING THE LEVER TO MAKE ME GO IN, I DONT GO IN THEN SCREEN FROZE THEN I GET THE MESSAGE, I THEN HAVE ANXIETY AND WRITE THIS
    ok understood great. in conclusion this large letter should be read 3 times so you don’t miss and skip over details, if my body is still there it is in the trash compactor by now, and the captain is crying that i died message me to get further details

While it looks like what you were doing was in violation of the rules, I’m reducing this ban to a sec/lawyer ban. Please look over the server rules - in particular the policy on submitting multiple ahelps on the same issue and for helping when you should be using prayers.
Regardless, I’ve reduced this to a temporary role ban. You should be able to log in and play any non-sec/lawyer role.

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