Sore Yew's Mod App, with 100% less puns!

Byond username:

Discord name:

Join date:

Hours you’ve been on the server:
570+ hours

When are you online or available to get on:
Evenings EST, whenever weekends with covid expect a lot of uptime.

Role that you are on discord. (mentor, or contrib):

Do you have prior experience being a moderator:

I judged competitive Magic: The Gathering from 2015 up until lol corona, which is where I draw most of my experience from. I would assist in events from as small as 8 to as large as 10,000. Of course however, I was a gear in a much larger machine in the events with more flashy player turnouts. Personally, the largest event I’ve ran was 32. On a smaller end, as a teenager I helped moderate a minecraft roleplay community. Probably a dozen active players at a time, but had a public listing so there was enough grief to warrant a few people with /ban and creative mode powers.

What is something you feel you do well:

Handling players, apply fixes that don’t impact the round more than needed, seeing the difference between ineptitude and malicious intent, and other learned skills from judging I feel would translate well to moderating. If you thought you had rules lawyering here, ho LORD let me tell you when people pay $50 bucks to enter a large tournament, they will use every comma and semicolon like they passed a bar exam. While now I’m a little rusty, learning a common ruleset and the way it is to be interpreted is something I excel at, and my note history agrees with that I would think.

What is something you wish to change:

More ‘niche’ cases of antag interaction with grey area, and a more robust understanding of space law as it applies to both parties is something I would like to change. Something more controllable to me directly, is I play on a lot of dead hours for ahelps, and it is a part of why I’m applying in the first place. Way too many (ling cough cough) rounds where they see no admins as a grief pass. Being able to help out with tickets and grief patrols would improve my, and everyone else’s spacemen adventures.


+1 super fun and reliable to play with. Have never seen anyone ahelp anything about you

+1 only if you give me directions to your minecraft RP community. We’re all about those good good blocks.

Super fun RP +1

Hell yea +1

Yes. Whenever I ask you for help with tickets, please remember I supported you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: +1

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It’s been dead and buried for years, sorry boss. <3

+rep Never seen anything bad about this person, good candidate. Need more spessmen to stop the grief during low hours.

Well I suppose no +1 then, smh.

im ready +1

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+an arbitrary number

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Your app has been accepted. Welcome to the mod squad!

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