Spaetzleking's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Spaetzleking16
Character Names: Max Willis, B.O.B.O.T
Discord Name: Spaetzleking #9797
Age: 16 (I’m aware that its under the minimum, but I figured I might as well try)
Timezone: EST
Active hours: 4pm-11pm Weekdays, 9am-11pm Weekends

I’ve been playing on Fulpstation for nearly 300 hours.

Science: I have a heavy understanding in Genetics, Robotics, Nanites, and Xenobiology (aside from Cytology). In genetics, I can help people learn the fastest way to decode mutations by going through a pattern of left and right clicking on the top and bottom letters respectively and cycling through all combinations (only useful for mutations with 2-3 double letter x’s). I can also help with things I notice most new geneticists do/don’t do, such as when to give people activators or mutators, why to recycle activators, etc, etc… In Robotics I can help people with building mechs and wires for borgs. In Nanites I can assist with how to properly use triggers/manage nanite levels. In Xenobio I can help with different slime combinations/which slimes to rush for. I will also be able to help people with toxins once I play around 2-3 more rounds doing it to better memorize the process.

Medical: I would be able to assist people to better understand Chemistry, Surgery, which drugs do what, and other general medical advice. For people that need assistance with Chemistry, I would be able to teach them which drugs to make to better optimize medbay, how to refill the charge on the chem-master, how to make grenades/stabilize chemicals, and plumbing. I would be able to teach people what each surgery does, along with what drugs to give for different damage. As for general medical advice, I would be able to teach them how to stabilize patients, ghetto medicine, along with a question I’ve seen many new doctors ask, how to take off clothing to apply medicine.

Engineering: I am not a massive engineering expert, but I know and will be able to help people with setting up SM, Solars, basic Atmos, and how to build things. I also know how to start a plasmaflood/gas flood if any ai/borg needs to know.

Service/Cargo: I would be able to help people who need to know how to make foods/drinks if theyre not looking at the wiki, along with chaplain rites and any other service question. As for cargo, I would be able to tell them how to best earn cargo points, and how to get specific items from bounties if they are unaware (ie: clown box).

Security/Command: If someone needed help with where to get items relating to security, I would be able to help them. I also would be able to help people in command who needed to know how to change ai laws, or any other specific command question.

Silicon: The majority of my hours have been in Silicon, and I would be able to help malf ai’s with figuring out how to hack apc’s/do specific abilities, along with normal ai questions. Along with different ways to interact with technology.

As a player on Fulp, I have noticed that this community is very friendly and above all just wants to have a good time.

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Sorryyyy to young! Denied for now but our new mentor age is 17 so you aren’t super far off!