Speedrun griefing, I'm impressed

Byond Account: Someone You Dont Know42
Character Name(s): Jack Strong
Discord Name: Someone You Don’t Know
Round ID: 26003
Date: 19/5/23 (or american style: 5/19/23)
Griefer IC name: Alberto Woodworth
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Tried to break into HOP office, then attacked 2 people, killing one, then tried to break into tech storage, then killed another person, all within the first 10 minutes.
Later on proceeded to take on all (3) of sec and beat them (kind of embarrassing) one at a time, stealing their stuff as he went.
Had kitted themselves out with a buckler, baseball bat, and other makeshift weapons, after killing the two at the beginning with a toolbox and fire extinguisher, clearly planning only to people.

Was not an antag.

Handled, thank you for reporting :)