Spink Sparkle Ban Appeal - 22/07/18

Byond Account: cynerak

Character Name(s): Spink Sparkle, Spays Rinkle

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Cynerak#5128

Round ID of Ban: 21273

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Round#21273 Rules broken:core 2 self antag. broke into the command parts of the station and stole the hand tele as a non antag clown. its about time you learn the difference between self antag and pranking

State your appeal: So in this shift I was playing Clown and had decided I wanted to prank command by sneaking or breaking into their meeting room (A room no antag really cares for except to maybe bomb through to the room on the other side) and photocopying my bum on their copier (classic) as well as writing silly graffiti on the ground. Once I had got in for the 3rd time (I had been arrested and punished for the other two times with no success of getting to the copier) I had a bit of a duel with the Captain where they were trying to baton me and I was trying to slip them. It was quite a dance and I knew I couldn’t leave till I somehow got the cap to let me out, or if I get their ID or something to force my way out. So I charge them trying to knock them down until they pull a hand tele out and teleport out of the room. I follow them and we keep scuffling till I get the hand tele and manage to lose him through a network of like 3-4 portals. I then hide out till it cools down (my imagined heat from all the sec hunting me, they actually didn’t care at all) then managed to teleport to the one beacon that was on (that went to brig) and gave hand teleporter to Sgt. Winters (the warden) who laughed and immediately let me out.

Do I think this qualifies as grand theft? Technically yes, and I would take the punishment if sec decided to push charges. Is it self antagging? I don’t believe so. The total damages I accumalated was a broken window. A task I could complete in a minute.

I took the Cap’s teleporter to run away and immediately gave it back. Same as someone would take the Cap’s ID off of him if they were scuffling and they managed to stun the cap. They would either throw him at the door or if for some reason they couldn’t, they would take his ID off him, Throw it at the door and leave. It was under excusable circumstances and they showed clear intent that they had no intention of keeping the device for more than a few seconds. Very similar to how someone who may not agree with the arrest of them might knock the cop down, baton them, then drop the baton and run away. You could charge them with theft, but I don’t think any admin could say they were self-antagging by attacking a sec officer.

I’m also pretty sure this is more like an accumulated rule break over the last two days as yesterday I was very tired and did some real “shitter” stuff that was not okay.

If you want to change the ban reason to that, I will totally agree. But banning me for this doesn’t make sense.

Your whole argument for taking it is that you couldn’t get out of the bridge (despite, presumably, the disposal bins being accessible) but then you mention that you chased them and continued the scuffle. That’s 100% on you; the fact that you did this even knowing you were on thin ice after being a shitter the last few days is not helping your case at all least. However, because you wanted your poor behavior over the last few days mentioned in your ban, I made sure to amend it to let other servers’ admins know that this is a consistent pattern for you.

This is denied.

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