Super Matter Lab in science

Byond Account: Lineker14
Character Name(s): Wonky
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Lineker#2254
Round ID of Ban: 18149

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

The ban reason is: Core 1- MRP After being told not to build an SM insci on Discord, did so anyway and irradiated the surrounding area

State your appeal:

So, first, the ban message is a lie, [Screenshot by Lightshot] as u can see no one explicitly told me to not build, they just RECOMMENDED, and I have built this super matter lab like 5 times, never ruin the round for anyone, in fact, I saved a round one time, a Borg grabbed the SM and melted a Space Dragon. I always ship radiation suits from cargo for the science team, tell the science team to get insulated gene from genetics, build plasma walls to reduce radiation, and build xeno console for safety tests in the SM.

Another fact, everyone likes to see the lab working, and love to test with us, the 5 times that i build the lab like 10+ peaple loved to see we working in it.

To get the money to buy the shard and other things to build the lab I always do a maxcap from toxins which helps the science team.


The text is bellow:

"I, the Research Director, am aware of this, and I approve it.

Research director stamp: [ ]

  1. The Request.

"I, Wonky, request an order for

1 Super matter Shard Crate
1 Grounding Rod Crate
1 Radiation Protection Crate
2 Field Generator Crate

  1. Reason

I, Wonky, will experimenting with new things involving xenobiology and engineering, atmos and the Super Matter. And see how the xenos, slimes, slime crossbreeding and Much more stuff will comport with the Super matter.

  1. The Research

Consist in try to apply xeno slimes crossbreeding on the SM and see how it’ll react, testing how genetic modified monkey and slimes comport near the SM. Using different cold gases and see how the SM react, see how much Science items react in contact of SM.

  1. Responsibility

I, Wonky, am all responsible for making a safe lab for doing the research and keep the Super matter Shard and science team secured from radiation and electrical pulses.

  1. Safety Measures

I, Wonky, will build reinforced plasma windows around the SM for the radiation. Use the grounding rod to stabilize the shockwaves. And use cooled O2 gas and filter plasma to keep SM cool.

  1. The payment

All listed order above, will be paid by the money from Toxins maxcap.

Ass: Wonky"

So i see no reason for this ban, i even didn’t hurt anyone.

edit 1

Sm lab in science is dangerous” GENE, TOXINS AND XENO LABS ARE DANGEROUS.

I don’t think that the same Admin who banned judgy my case is fair, he doesn’t have the creativity to allow RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT team work. And he doesn’t appreciate art and fun.

The print he posted below, only show items being irradiated, and only a single crew member being irradiated after spying on the SM shard, I see that as a win.

Again, I don’t think this is a fair ban

“Play as an engi and mess with the SM” There isn’t trained crew for help, equipment, machines, and resources for me doing my research there, and I don’t want to mess up with the crew best power source!

As I said, I have done this like 5 or 6 round and never ruin the round for anyone, just bring laughs and joy for the crew

Helianthus, I posted before the round was ended cause the end of the round cause was ended, BECAUSE I GOT A UNFAIR BAN FROM U

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I am not gonna play the semantics game with you on this. It’s a dumb idea to build an SM in science, regardless of how “fun” it is. The one in engineering is far away from the station commons and very reinforced for a reason. If you want to mess with the supermatter, you need to play engineering or atmos tech. Also, every item around your setup was glowing green, meaning that being near it will cause damage. Here’s the full list of things irradiated by you:

Getting command permission to do something this stupid only means that the RD was lucky to avoid their own ban for this. Also, for the record, even an engineer would be banned for irradiating a bunch of things outside of the SM room due to carelessness. The fact that you couldn’t wait until the round ended to post this is only the cherry on top of this issue. Denied.