TacticGuy's Ban appeal pt 2 (topic closed early)

Byond Account: TacticGuy
Character Name(s): Johnny Lowstetter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TacticGuy#1488
Round ID of Ban: unknown
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): MetaGaming
State your appeal:

You should really keep the topic open for a little while as to encourage discussion but whatever.

I was banned for metagaming and the whole information is in the first post. However, while we did meet up in game at one point, we often never did it and the one time we did happened to be while other things were going on.

Me and my friend did indeed meet up but it was not for any malicious intent or to further ourselves or cheat, he wanted to learn robotisist, hence why he wanted access to it and he knew that i just learned it. Although we did break a rule it genuinely was of no significance or unfairness to other players, he wanted me to vouch for him and since we were playing at the same time he knew that i could help him.

All context is in first post, im fine with recieving a ban as we did indeed break a rule, although i hadnt realized it at the time of posting the first appeal, but I only request that it not be a permanant ban and that it at least be considered in greater context that our meet up was not to form some plan or impact any other players, he just wanted to learn the role. Thanks

Also, buzzard, i wasnt insinuating that the mods were pedophiles, i was relaying information that slig told us. Sorry if it came off the wrong way.

I only ask that a temporary ban, however long you see fit is fair but ask that it be considered due to the conditions stated. Thanks for the good times

This is what you said and i’m unsure how else to take “for fine reasons” other than stating that we try to keep some list of kids or something which is untrue. The reason they said that they said it to minors is because we are are not an 18+ server it is assumed that any player could be a minor. I’m unsure if the person they spoke to was indeed a minor as to my knowledge we don’t keep track of that info other than mentor apps which have their age added on there by choice and there is no requirements to verify your age on fulp so the assumption should be that they could be underage. The ban was for 3 days, after which your friend came on and said some really shitty things about slig and so it was upped to a permaban for horrible interaction with staff as well as metacom (due to the investigation into the round and showing some fairly easy to see metacomming) while metacom is hard to prove most of the time it was pretty blatant in that round.

Here are your exact words in your last appeal

On this appeal you state that you did not in fact metacom at all but in this appeal you state you did metacom but it was for a good reason? I’m unsure if i can trust your word on this when you literally just said you did nothing wrong at first and now are saying you’re okay with a lighter punishment. Metacomming has always been an extremely harsh punishment when proven due to how hard it is to prove and the fact that we cannot know how many times you’ve done it in the past. Here is the rule itself where it states just how serious we take it:

Also in that round you guys both worked together in fighting off a person who was RDMing and both ahelped about them. Though this wasn’t exactly evidence of metacomming it does show that you guys may have been together for a lot more fights before this.

Sorry i wasnt entirely truthful in the first post. I really do mean it now when i say im being honest. We happened to be attacked on the way back to robotics so that was out of our control and any person other than doctors, or me at least, would have attacked someone who was obviously acting as a traitor, Im not sure exactly how much you can know about each round but he stunned me and i thought it was sec abuse but followed him and saw a pentagram on the floor in the top left of the map, i figured out it was a traitor and attacked him as he continued to attack me, little did i know we were both his targets.

The only reason that i didnt say that we were together was to get myself into deeper shit and just have it closed there, but it clearly backfired and i shouldnt have done that.

Thanks for actually trying to figure this out and doing some investigative work as more admins should be doing that. I hope this is sufficient enough to warrant something that is not a permanent ban as i really do see this as the only server i could see myself playing on.

I swear that if i am given a second chance i will try my best to obey the rules and not cause trouble. Thanks for looking into my second appeal and not closing it immediately.

Alright well in the future i recommend being honest with stuff as not being truthful about it and then them finding out later makes it much worse. While on some servers a permanent ban means you would never be allowed to rejoin on fulp we do allow appeals of permas but usually only after a month or so has passed. I would recommend waiting a month and trying again as like i said in the first ban appeal it was pretty blatant metacomming.