TacticGuy's Unfair ban appeal

Byond Account: TacticGuy
Character Name(s): Johnny Lowstetter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TacticGuy#1488
Round ID of Ban: Unknown as im banned what kind of question is this
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://gyazo.com/6b14535bf6dc5829eb4a65ee103a49c2
State your appeal:

Hey, im sure this is just going to be closed due to conflict of interest but whatever. me and my friend were playing today and he spawned as a mining robot after being killed unjustly by the captain, along with myself. He found someone else around him and said “I like cum” because they asked “why are you named coombot” or something similar. He was then promptly banned for 3 days after Sliggest pinged him and said “why are you like this” after being warned for something entirely different. Me being confused asked the admins in the only way availiable why he was banned through admin help, to which i was not informed was against the rules, rather the opposite as sliggest responded “He was talking sexually with a minor”, which, unbenounced to him or anybody else but the admins, who keep track of all children on the server, for fine reasons, was the reason for his ban.

I then said that it was a little bit overkill in the discord server and was promptly banned from chatting in anything but the shadow room, for zero reason of my own. I asked in the shadow room why i was there and was permanantly banned from the server for “metacomming” after i can only assume the admins were wondering how they could somehow ban me as well because my friend broke a rule.

Me and said friend never metacommed or did anything other than play at the same time seperately and tell each other what happened at the end of each game and laugh or talk about it, as it was often surprising since we didnt know who each other were. I never broke any rules other than a little skirmish fight that happened last night with a detective and some other guy, which was resolved with no issues.

I loved playing on the server but both me and my friend were permanantely banned from the server by horatio, who banned me and sliggest, who banned him. Sliggest is Grim (another admin’s) girlfriend and having heard that he said something that hurt her feelings happened and me being associated, i was kicked from the discord after trying to further figure out how this could all be patched up. Unfair ban and overall admin abuse. I was a model player and loved the server but conflict of interest and uncaring mods had to ruin that for 2 people who had no ill will whatsoever.

I’d love to be unbanned and be able to play again but i highly doubt it and bet this is going to be closed immediately by one of the 4 mods mentioned here, who are either strongly or loosely in Kahoots with one another.

Its been fun. Thanks to the server and its community, not these power tripping admins that have been mentioned here.

So I’m looking over the logs of the round in question of why you were banned for metacomming. The original suspicion was because almost immediately after they were banned you began ahelping about them but upon further inspection of the round it seems you were a lot closer than you claim in your appeal here.
You state that you don’t know who each other in each round nor interact with each other but in the round in question you both know who each other are and don’t speak to one another but are actively trying to get the same access and hanging out.

Here are some logs to explain things a bit:

This portion of the logs show that you guys meet in medbay and start interacting with each other. In the chat logs you never once talk to each other during this time period.
image image
This is blatant metacom and is quite obvious from the logs alone. I’m going to be denying your ban appeal as you not only lied in your ban appeal but you also insinuate that staff are pedophiles in your opening paragraph.
When it comes to your situation with your friend the issue was this: He starts off violating our hatespeech rule and then saying something sexual to another player. The rules themselves says We take these very seriously and his behavior afterwards in discord was what upped it to a perma ban. The reason we stated that what he said could have been said to a minor is because we are a non-18+ server and have many minors who play on here. Any player could be a minor and we do not know fully. Some of our players we do know are minors due to them applying for mentor and being denied due to being under 18 (of their own admission we don’t check this info) and or because they say it in chat sometimes. One person just last week got banned from discord because they made a joke about being under 13 which violates discord TOS but had it been true then that means people even under the age of 13 were playing on our server.