Takada's Mentor Application

BYOND account: JRDead
Character name: Koibumi Takada, K-01 (as Cyborg), KOI (as AI). Clown and mime names are changed regularly.
Discord name: Fluctlight#5690
Age: 18
Timezone: GMT-3 (Santiago, Chile)
Active hours: ~12:00pm - ~02:00am
I’m, most of the time, active the whole day, but I’m way more active at night: ~08:00pm to ~02:00am

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

Since May 31st, 2020.
Right now, my played hours count is ~1000h.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for?


(This would be my main department, and I consider myself able to mentor for it).

As Station Engineer, I’m able to set up all the engines in game (not counting Turbine because it is an Atmospherics job: Supermatter Crystal, Thermoelectrical Generator, Tesla/Singularity Engine), I have a great knowledge about how everyone of them work, and what should I do to fix them in the event of a failure (excluding the Tesla and Singularity because loose means nothing can be done, but it can be prevented). Aside from Engines, I can also set up solar arrays, build machinery, and more construction-related stuff.
I know how to maintain the power flowing through all the station correctly.

I know how to keep the atmosphere safe for the station (as how to refill rooms with air when needed), and I know how to set up the turbine to generate power and to farm some gases.
I know how the pipes work; the uses for each type.
These days I’ve been working more on gases. I’ve been able to produce Hot Ice, and I’ve decided to keep learning more about different gases production.



I know the uses of different machines in the Research Lab, like using the destructive analyzer, the E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR and B.E.P.I.S.
I don’t have every extract memorized, but I know how to manage slimes, raise, mutate and get useful results.
Can’t say I know all the theory about toxins research, but I know how to get 50k points correctly, and also do core research.
Basics. I can program Nanites correctly and make my dermal buttons work, as an example.

Actually, genetics has a lot more stuff that could be experimented with, more than just getting some basic mutations, and I’m working on it. I know the basics of this science subdivision, I know how to get mutations, I know their effects and I know how to mix them to get other types.

I can say I know almost everything about Cyborgs, how to maintain and upgrade them, great understand about augmentations and how to work with augmented people (organs and repairment). As well, I’m very familiar with robot and mech construction and maintenance.


It is not an advanced role to play, it is actually very simple. But I can say I know my ways to get money when it is needed, like the miasma farms, BZ harvesting from lavaland, or even selling plasma.

Also I know there is something called the Station’s Objective and I do everything I can to have it ordered as soon as possible.

I’m not the kind of person who goes after megafauna. I just mine, that’s what I do, but I know what kinda of stuff is useful in Lavaland, I know about exploring and the different signals down there, and I know how most of the Lavaland loot works.


Medical was, actually, my first department. I know
how to do most type of surgeries, which kind of surgery is needed for every case that is presented to me, and I have the enough understanding about chemicals to provide the correct ones for different treatments.
I’m not quite sure how to deal with some races like Ethereals because I haven’t got enough cases of them in medical, although I know how to treat Plasmaman wounds.

I know which chemicals should be done, can’t say I’m a good chemist, though. I just produce useful chemicals the whole round, provide the station with cures for different viruses that could appear, and how to create some special stuff without burning/blowing up the pharmacy or laboratory.

I know the basics about virology, considering this as making a virus (knowing how different chemicals work in the process of it), and providing vaccines when a virus is successfuly cured in a patient.


I’m not describing every single role here because there is a big number of them, however, I don’t really think a mentor is needed on this department ASIDE from the roles Bartender, Cook and Botanist. Roles where I have basic knowledge, but I need to learn more, especially Botanist.


(This is my least favorite department, I don’t like security aside from Detective).

I know about brig procedures, and Space Law. Sometimes exceptions need to be made in order to maintain the station’s safety. Can’t say I’m the most robust officer, but one that knows Space Law.

As I know Space Law, I care about brig procedures. Visiting the prison is also important, caring for the prisoners and working on their parole if they have good behavior.

My favorite role of this department. I know how to use the main Detective’s tool, the forensic scanner, register my results on the records console, and start investigations.


I dislike playing Captain, but I know my job is to work on the Station’s Objective, and work with security when there are court cases or 5XX infractions.

I know how to manage the Supply Department, and work with them in order to get the Station’s Objective. I never give access to departments without asking the respective department head, and if there is no head, to the Captain.

I can command my department correctly, I consider myself like any other engineer, but needed to command and to answer to the other heads of staff.

Research, I consider that I understand what is correct to be researched, and which priorities need to be made for different situations that could be presented all along the round. Every research path could change at any moment depending on the station’s situation.
AI management, aside from building an AI, I know about the different law boards and how to upload them either to the AI or to unslaved Cyborgs, as well as I know how to revive an AI.

To be honest, I don’t really know what to do as a CMO when it is about medics, more than teach them when necessary Though, I regularly patrol chemistry and virology. I command chemists to make useful chemicals and not meth, and I review Virology diseases before spreading them.

As a HoS, I consider myself as an advanced type of Warden. The only difference is that I command everyone in the department.


Aside from following my laws, I know how different Cyborg modules work, which tools they have in their inventories and how to use them.

I understand the AI interface and I know almost everything I can do as it. I’ve never used the multicamera function though.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

There is a great number of newbies (as it is a server for begginers), and they don’t really know how to use options like mentor help and they also don’t ask, and, as a part of this, just a few people are willing to help them in-game (I think people should be more open to help others when they are able to, as this is a multiplayer and cooperative game, not a singleplayer). As an example of this, you can see the whole science department ignoring everyone onboard most of the time, or a random Engineer setting up the SM incorrectly and never asking for help. Communication is something very important, and it would be really nice to see more people checking the radio more regularly, and answering to calls when they are needed.
The average Fulp player doesn’t communicate with others (I may be wrong, but that’s what I feel), however, the average Fulp player is also very friendly. There are a ton of people willing to RP, or to have very cool conversations, I’ve made very cool friends and I’ve learned a ton thanks to them.

P.S.: English is not my native language, so I’m sorry if there are some gramatical mistakes, and some words mispelled. I’m learning yet.

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another one of the best engineers on the server +1, always good to see you as CE

Teg gamg Teg gang

A generally good and helpful person +1, sadly I rarely spend time with them

Always a treat +1

Koibumi “Tesla” Takada, mentor edition

+1 she is a good atmos.

+1 :orange_heart:

-1 from me, assistants should greytide, not help the station

More seriously, I respect characters with some backstory to them and you are a great companion on projects, yet I have to see you mentoring in game :D

I haven’t seen anything bad about you. And you are very knowledgeable. So +1 !

+1 from me, knowledgeable and friendly.

Your app has been accepted. Welcome to the team!