Telling on people like the mean salty nerd I am

Round ID:11948
BYOND account: Brolimar
Character: Jace Denton

Hello, so, another complaint for the same round.

I don’t really want to get anyone in trouble but the stuff that happened was pretty crazy, so, here I am, complaining on a free banana slipping space clown simulator, all to make it a better place.

So, after my run-in with the madmin in my last post, I get teleported to SEC and go back to trying to save the station.

I see the CMO at the entrance of the SEC hallway and she’s MAD AS HELL. She’s pushing down a medic to get her baton back. Medic says he got it from the clown and didn’t mean any bad, so I help the CMO to get her baton back. She does and start harmbatonning the SHIT out of him. I tell her to stop, she won’t. I flash her, and take the baton back, and I refuse to give it back. She starts circular saw-ing me like the MAD LADDIE she is holy shit !

SEC backup arrives and subdue her, I put her in cuffs and bring her to jail.

She tells me I can’t put her in jail, I tell her she should contact the captain or the HoS then, she agrees, I uncuff her to let her take out her PDA and she ASSAULTS ME AGAIN LET’S GO for ROUND 3 ahahahah

She fails to robust me, I jail her, captain comes and tells me that I can’t do anything to her unless it’s perma-worthy. I tell him she’s breaking space law and assaulting people including a SEC officer using lethal force, he tells me it doesn’t matter and to give back the baton to her. I tell him he’s the boss, and give her back the baton and she BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ME WITH IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE IN FRONT OF THE CAPTAIN OH MY LORD SHE IS MAD AS HELL.

EXTREMELY hillarious situation, if she could take a bite out of my ass she would have !

So I flash the rabid CMO and take away her baton again, the captain proceeds to beat me (At least non-lethally this time) to get it back and he does, he explains to me that what’s happening here is perfectly fine and that as long as it’s not perma-worthy, then I can’t do anything only the captain can and he won’t do shit about it. He tells me it’s space law.

While he tells me that, she literally tries to defibrillate me oh lord oh god, and I resist, twice. He still tells me it’s ok according to space law.

The captain’s name was Big Boy Boris, don’t know about the super mad CMO though, apologies for that.

Neither were antags. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were meta-buddies at this point because that’s hella suspicious. I ahelped it and was told it was clearly way too crazy to not be grief and suggested I come here to whine like a salty baby nerd, so that’s what I’m doing.

At least get that guy off of captain position and give the rabid CMO some tranquilizer ahahahah

Really, I’d rather the captain be punished and removed from head positions than the CMO, when you’re super angry, you’re super angry and I get it, you wanna beat people, though you should not do it as the head of doctors.

If the guy legit was a non-antag captain and was actually serious, either he’s too damn thick to be captain, or he’s got a metabuddy and I found him out.

Have a good one and thanks for reading !

I’m Big Boy Boris. CMO was Dr. Kirie. In fulp spacelaw this is what it says about arresting heads:

From my POV I hear CMO say they are being arrested on command comms. I was with HoS when this happened so I know HoS didn’t approve of it either. I have not been informed about this whatsoever which means the only way sec can really be following the section I’ve shown here, is if CMO’s crime is so severe that it absolutely couldn’t wait.

I go to brig and find you putting her in a cell with a 3 minute timer, which is the sentence for an infraction. I released her instantly because a sentence this small means that you certainly should have gotten my permission first to arrest her since 3 minute sentences are the lowest possible crimes.

When questioned why you did this you couldn’t decide if she tried to murder you or assaulted you. You mentioned her trying to defib you, nothing about being sawed, but your story here makes me think I might be mis remembering when you said this. You don’t give any details beyond this. When told to give the baton back you do, she slaps you with it once, doing no harm, and then you flash her taking it again. I tell you to give it back and you don’t so I baton you, doing no harm, and take it out of your bag. If she tried to defib you in this time period as you claim I didn’t see it.

After this I explain to you why I let her go, that you should come to me first to arrest heads especially for minor crimes. Even in the moment you seemed to misunderstand this as heads being allowed to get away with assault, which is not what I was trying to say at all.

Heads are important to the station and them spending time in jail can be damaging to the station, especially if it is a false arrest, hence why you generally need captains permission, or at least permission from HoS.

I released her instantly not because I am metacomming with her but I do know Kirie to be a pretty good CMO, so when I see you arresting her without telling me and putting her in brig with a 3 minute timer that instantly signals to me that you were in the wrong, taking an experienced CMO away from medbay for what is likely a light crime without asking.

Now for the record, I do know that what you say about her assaulting you with a saw is true, after the round, because she ranted about the round in discord afterwards and got her baton stolen so many times that she went harm happy, but I did not have any of this information in the round.

Knowing the full story I would actually gladly have her spend 7 minutes in brig as is appropriate for assaulting an officer, because she was indeed in the wrong for assaulting you. If you had just asked on sec comms beforehand if you could arrest the CMO for repeatedly sawing you I likely would have approved. The entire reason I didn’t take your story seriously was because you gave her 3 minutes for what you first claimed to be attempted murder and later assault. This is an immediate red flag that you might be inexperienced, and when the CMO says she was arrested for no reason I did choose to believe her over you.


attempted murder (assault with a deadly weapon) is perma worthy? no? and to do it multiple times is even worse, especially after the officer in question is clearly trying to de escalate.

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Attempted murder is, assault isn’t, even given full context she was likely just trying to harm him until he gave the baton back, which is assault on an officer, not attempted murder. I am not saying Kirie was in the right at all, I am saying I feel like I acted within reason given the context from my perspective. Kirie claimed that she didn’t do anything, he claimed that she attempted to murder him, which he gave her 3 minutes for. When it’s CMO’s word against the security officers word and the security officer thinks the appropriate sentence for attempted murder is 3 minutes, I took the CMO’s side. It was wrong to take her side, but I did not have context to know that this was wrong.

He was in full Riot Armor, his life was not really in danger.
3 attacks brought him down around 10%. Not to mention that he had a flash in hand against the only head of staff without flash protection. It’s absolutely not attempted murder.
Assault would be more acceptable.

Dealt with, thanks for the report.