Temporary ban appeal: Idfkmex

Byond Account: idfkmex
Character Name(s): Leeterson Bawls
Discord Name (ie: Mex#6932):
Round ID of Ban: 23179
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://imgur.com/a/Hzi1Xsj
State your appeal: So I did as instructed and read the rules

Blockquote 3). Sexual content is strictly prohibited. This includes content like photos/websites/Erotic Role Play (ERP) and applies to the server, Discord, and forums. Sending unsolicited sexual content to another player via direct messages will also result in a ban.

I did not in any way shape or form attempt to do erotic role play and are you seriously saying that typing penis in an intercom that i had no way of knowing was being broadcasted is sexual content. Furthermore i was accused of “being mean to an admin” that is false I said I was going to leave “guess ill leave then” leaving to read the rules and if you can pull up the logs you’ll see that i was beating myself to death when I was banned because that’s just something i wanted to do before leaving. I probably wont be rejoining Fulpstation but this is now about the principle of the matter and the fact is I didn’t do anything wrong. If you expect me to believe that a server which sees traffic all day long does this for every instance of someone saying penis or sexual assault or rape then you think Im stupid.

Yeah, our community is pretty good at reporting this when it happens, and most moderators have filters for these specific words. This is obviously not the community for you, so I’m going to deny this.