Temporary ban appeal

  • Byond Account:DevinXoptoh
  • Character Name(s): Chip Shafer
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Devin#1159
  • Round ID of Ban:11848
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Chat

Reason: Round 11848 Reason self antag as an engineer threw a clown that had gotten into tech storage into the sm when asked why said “im tired of clowns being able to get away with this” next time tell sec or ahelp were an mrp server

  • State your appeal:
    Clown was tiding into tech storage during warops for no reason what so ever.
    Clowns as a whole always tide into places and it is INCREDIBLY annoying.
    Whenever a clown is taken into sec, its always “haha funny” as their response, which lets them free with no punishment at all.
    Sec would of been too busy to respond to this during warops aswell, Didnt want to AHELP a tider aswell it also states on joining that “greytiding will net you a ban” yet, the clowns allowed to do so without punishment

This is the first time ive been temp banned for something like this and now that I am aware of the consequences I will ensure not to do it again.

We can’t punish a greytinding clown if you break the rules yourself and dust them.
Break and Entry isn’t a capital crime either.