The ban appeal of nyquist i think

Byond Account: nyquist
Character Name(s): Madeline Levesque, Anne Jackson, Parfait Popsquick, Zoey Zo Nisemono, Leah Lemoffic, Mezzie, Angela Taverns, thinking about making someone named "Skye Sespn", et cetera
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): joanum#5680
Round ID of Ban: 17799 

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):oh willard

State your appeal: No pun intended, but there’s a lot to unpack here.
So, I think it’s important to establish precisely why I (only as Madeline Levesque) use a dufflebag. It’s a deeply nuanced item that’s in the game for a reason, and using it both demands and enables a hell of a lot of flexibility. Interesting gameplay relative to a static satchel, flexibility befitting of MadLev’s origins and directives (which we won’t be getting into here), all in all I find it a goddamn delight, personally. I really do think its a shame that a good 100% of the playerbase dismiss the idea out of hand, reflexively gagging at the thought, and I really do think way more people should give it a shot. Be the change you want to see in the world, right? The dufflebag has straight up saved my life precisely once, and saved the friggin’ station 2 or 3 times as well, and not by just holding more stuff, either.
Anyway, now I’m being accused of killbaiting and roundremoving people who pick it up, which is an ugly thing to say about someone, but also demonstrably false. If my intention were to simply kill anyone who picked it up, then I would, like, do that, right? But historically, I’ve let greyshirts off with as little as softcrit and immediate medical attention just to teach them not to do that. In the very same round as the one I was banned in, like two other people picked up my bag off the floor in passing during and after the inciting incident, and I just let them go because their intent wasn’t nearly as strong as the guy who fought me for like 5 minutes for it, and if they don’t care, I don’t really care, either. If I was just absolutely thirsty for blood, like you seem to think, I’d participate in the EORG nonsense bloodbath and kill valids and stab people with fireaxes for entering atmos for any reason whatsoever, which I very much do not. Johnathan Gupta, a man I’m not fond of due to his emote spamming, made himself valid as shit just a few rounds before this one in front of me, and if I really wanted to he could’ve died right on the spot and then been promptly gibbed. I didn’t do anything about it because I’m not bloodthirsty and there were secoffs around and aware enough of his situation to deal with it, and he wasn’t harming anything. So no, I don’t bait people into getting round removed because that’s not something I want to do, plain and simple.
And then there’s the idea that I “go so far as to round remove said players”. I did not a single thing to make their revival any less plausible, and if we weren’t 1 minute til the shuttle leaves it’s highly likely that, well, firstly that sec wouldn’t have all been on the shuttle and could’ve assisted me appropriately, and secondly that searching them for incriminating items and appropriate processing wouldn’t have caused me to miss the shuttle and thus could’ve taken place. If I hadn’t ditched my ranged nonlethals for that friggin talking sword that seemed lonely, they would’ve been apprehended much more quickly and been turned over to sec with their cuffs and such. So no, I don’t bait players into round removal because as previously discussed I’m not baiting players, and as presently discussed I’m not round removing them.
And then there’s “rule lawyering”. image
If your intent is bad, that’s how you’re supposed to be treated. If it isn’t that bad, it isn’t how you’re supposed to be treated. No amount of squinting, politicking, or arguing changes that. Me arguing that their very blatant intent is very blatant (and thus if you think I’m executing them (which I can see but don’t entirely agree with, again, if only I had more time) it’s still well within space law) isn’t rule lawyering, it’s rule comprehending. When you charge into the secure departures area and shove the captain in front of the CE, AI, 2 or 3 secoffs and everyone else there getting ready to leave in order to take their stuff and then fight them for like 5 minutes for it, it’s hard to make your intent much more clear, which is again why I didn’t even baton the two others who picked it up in passing and gave up after four seconds. Because their intent wasn’t half as strong or concrete. It’s really not hard to comprehend that, I do believe, and if it takes 30 minutes for me to explain it to you while I’m eating yummy burgers, I’m happy to be patient, and am not happy to be banned just for doing so.
Anyway, in conclusion, I don’t killbait players, I don’t roundremove players for picking up my bag, and I really don’t like my intentions being construed as such. I enjoy challenging preconceptions and making things better for people, and I do try to be understanding if I’ve done something wrong, a la my first negative note in which I definitely fucked up and ended up regretting independent of admin intervention. So, if I have indeed done something wrong, please actually address my points as to why I don’t believe so at present so I can come to a better understanding, so things are better for everyone.

Thanks, and we can still be friends.

I promise.

oh also i made a “staff report” on some notes id like amended cuz from what i gathered thats where youre supposed to do it even tho it feels wrong to use that form for that purpose but either way i guess it didnt go thru or something cuz no one ever got back to me on that, idk maybe it did but im just mentioning it here so we can clear that up as well

Having wrote the current rules and the current version of Fulp space law, I can pretty confidently say that you are not “rule comprehending” this at all. The intent portion of it is to guide decisions where there is a crime like, say, attacking another player with a hatchet, and the officer needs to determine whether they will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder. Whether someone has “good” or “bad” intent is a laughably incorrect interpretation of that. Also, you left off the rest of that sentence.

I’d almost think this appeal were satire based on how obnoxiously tone-deaf it is. Not only do you continue to be toxic toward the banning mod, but you’re toxic toward a wholly uninvolved player. This is an entirely unacceptable way to talk to people, let alone write an appeal, so much so that I’m extending this to a week-long server ban (starting today) under rule 0.1 and watchlisting your account for toxic behavior.
See ya next week.