The Hellfire Of Round ID: 23408

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): ThatRandomPerson124
Discord Name: ThatRandomPerson#3824
Round ID: 24308
Griefer IC name: Annie Something, Experiment XII Porterhouse
Griefer Byond account (if known): Both Unknown.

What happened:
Xenomorphs escape containment while xenobio is crowded with people (RD, Acting Cap, an MD I believe, a curator and I believe someone else), so RD and Acting Cap run north, shut off the xenobio firelock (meanwhile an engineer blocked with windows with re-enforced walls a small bit beforehand, but I believe they finished right before this) and activated a plasma canister and set it on fire after the MD warned them, and before the curator vacated (they weren’t facehugged) the resulting inferno burned through xenobio, killed the curator, caused almost all machinery to be destroyed instantaneously, caused a backlog of plasma inside of xenobio entrance which also set on fire, nearly killing the Acting Cap and the RD as well as the poor MD who was stuck in this. After returning, an engineer died because of this.

Then to add to the situation, a SM shard was stored inside of xenobiology (I am not sure why it was there), the fire damaged it enough to open it, sprinkling radiation into xenobiology, it activated and began zapping the area. (I have images of the aftermath if needed and nobody seems to have tried to have revived the curator.)

I also learned from Crux that it was made inescapable and that there was no real need for a fire of that magnitude.

I was present during the shift and dealt with the situation when it came up, thanks.