The Nukies Defense

Byond Account: PeeHoo
Character Name(s): Orion (I was a nukie at the time however so diff name)
Discord Name:Valentine335#7938
Round ID:26114
Griefer IC name: Joker
Griefer Byond account (if known): Mazur907 (My theory cause OOC next round he said “stop crying that I maxcapped you” So this is my educated guess.

What happened: I finally got nuclear operative and I was hiding in a plant for my entire time on the station. I exited the plant in bridge hallway where the clown and RD was. (RD was defacto captain so i was trying to fight him for disk). I pulled out my gun and started shooting at the RD. I never shot at Joker the clown. (I was informed later that some of my stray rounds apparently struck him) But I fought with the RD for a few more seconds when the clown walked up to my and just maxcapped me. Blew away myself the RD, himself and anyone/anything in the area. I understand nukies are a threat cause they can blow up the station, but are crew really allowed to just blow up the station in an attempt to stop nukies from doing so? Id appreciate any help, thanks!

this has been handled, thx for report