The Vusi Discord Ban Appeal

  1. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Davusi#6288
  2. Reason for Banning: Posting gifs that had flashing in them.
  3. State your appeal: I do deeply apologize for any harm I may have caused, as I was unaware of said gif’s potential to cause seizures- I’m not epileptic myself and I had previously posted this gif on the server many times before, if I remember correctly.
    At the time of my banning, I wasn’t awake to delete said gifs in case anyone warned me to or not. I personally believe banning me for posting these gifs was a little excessive, however, as the shed does exist.

Please be more careful in the future, as these sorts of things are pretty easy to avoid if you take precaution. Posting a single one may have resulted in it being deleted and shedding, but the admin in question who handled it found it to be easier to ban and remove 24 hours of posts, just to be sure any were removed.

Anyway, I will accept this. If you must post flashy or abruptly loud videos in the future, please spoiler and tag them appropriately.