Tider durand kills me and others for no reason

Byond Account: Madsenanders

Character Name(s): Big Boy Boris

Discord Name: kk (not in your discord)

Round ID: 11658

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: ? (griefer was in a durand)

What happened: Durand beats me to crit outside evac shortly before shuttle arrives for no reason at all. It kept hitting me while I was in crit, pretty sure it would have killed me if borg didn’t move me. Later while in the shuttle I hit it a few times with an oxygen tank using telekenisis for revenge, this does no damage to the durand mind you, then the durand chases me down, crits me, I crawl away while in crit for a long time with it chasing me and eventually it kills me. It also killed at least one other guy for what seemed like no reason to me.

I am in no way involved in this however I would like to say this is another signature lose fight -> lose rematch -> grief patrol combo I think we’ve all come to appreciate over time. Thank you for keeping us entertained during this trying holiday season. Truly, I wish you are afforded the justice you seek.

You are still upset that I made a grief patrol on you?

Not relevant to the grief patrol, but

Discord Name: kk (not in your discord)

You can always change that, me and several others would like to talk to you outside of the game too

I have joined since I made this grief patrol

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Nah fam if memory serves me correct I wasn’t the upset one. I just thought I’d pop by to offer my condolences and total support in your quest for justice. Hopefully that durand faces retribution for daring to best you in combat- twice. Anybody who does that is an irredeemable monster in my eyes, I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Just thought I’d point out that there are rules on the forums too, such as this one:

You have to let it go that I made a grief patrol on you man, even admins accepted it, not sure why you are this upset over it. Let it go or just keep getting yourself in trouble over it. I won’t respond again.

Woah, I just came by to bump your thread so that admins see it big guy. I simply wanted to see justice served to this evildoer. Although, if I had to wager I would say somebody is projecting. Don’t worry, one day you’ll move past this. But I’d rather we didn’t derail this thread as it takes away from the gravity of what that diabolical Durand did. Justice for Boris!

This has been taken care of.