Tips for medbay

Hey hey hey, in this guide i will say just some tips in medbay deparment jobs (i will not talk about plubing)

Let’s start with the basics:

Jobs and their goals:

Medical Doctor: Do surgeries, heal, revive people, and make sure they get out of Medbay right

Paramedic: Find dead or dying people and bring them to medbay. If the person is not dead yet, they should make sure to stop their bleeding and stabilize them so that they can reach medbay alive.

Chemist: Its objective is to make Bottles with liquids, patches and pills that serve for people and for medical equipment. They also do things you ask of them. And they do plubing (but unfortunately it is the only thing that I will not explain in the guide).

Virologist: He makes a virus for the crew or for cargo or for a person who asked him for a virus. I can also make a virus with the aim of ending a bad virus.

Psychologist: Helps people with his moth plushie.

Chief Medical Office/CMO: For me one of the most difficult jobs, their goal is to make sure that people do their jobs and that they do nothing wrong. For example, ensure that the virologist does not make a bad virus or that the chemist make drugs. He is also an assistant, he will help with what you ask and will do a variety of things to help medbay, then I will explain which ones. he also has to communicate with the other heads. By the way, this is the boss, so he can give you access or even fire you.

Btw “soul” means that the player is will in the game and didn´t left it, if a dead body ahs soul, he can be revived, if he left the game he haas no soul, so he can´t be revived.

Objects in medical Doctor:

There are a lot of things for make your job easy, i will say what they do and where to find them.

Health Analyzer: You start with it in your inventory, it is used to see the health of the patient by type of damage Brute / Burn / Toxin / Oxygen, it is used to see trauma, damage to organs, amount of blood, blood type, temperature. and lessons / fractures / burn infections / etc and diseases or viruses, their name, stage and cure. It has 2 other modes that are activated if you press Z, one tells you the reagents that your stomach has, to know if the patient has poison, an overdose or addiction. And a little to see fractions and stuff only, which is useless since you have them in the first mode. An improved version can be found on the printer, “Health Analyzer Advanced” which tells you the radiation levels and is better for detecting viruses that are made to be silent and not show up in the health analyzer.

Tool belt: a belt for put things, i recommend putting surgery tools.

Health Hud: It shows the life of a patient, if he is in critical condition or about to die. If he is dead and if he has a soul. And if you have a disease or virus and what type of virus it is, You can found it in a table near the medkits or in a locker. A implant version of this one (it is inside you and you don´t need to wear it) and a night version hud of this one can be found in the printer. Skeleton head means soulless, while blue line means that he has soul

Surgery Tools: This are for make surgery: Scapel, hemostat, retractor, Bonesetter, circular saw, cautery and drill.

Remenber being in green mode/help intent and select the correct part of the body.

Drapes: The ones for start and select the surgery.

Scapel is a tool you will use in a lot of surgerys for start with.

Hemostat is probably the one you will use a lot.

Cautery is for stop bleeding when you did the surgery.

Retractor and saw is for more advanced surgerys.

Upgrade tools in the printer, and you even can have “alien ones” but it is a 99% chance, the miners needs to get them.

The drill is the most useless of all, it is for one surgery, dental implant, and it is not even a very used surgery so don´t get the drill.

Bonesetter: is for repair dislocations and fractures, very useful.

If you have a computer, you will can do more surgerys and you can even see his health in it, and steps for surgery (but wiki es better for that thing).

A list of all the surgerys, the most important are: all tend wounds (Heals brute or burn or mixture both to dead and alive bodys), organ manipulation (remove or adorgans, you can quit tumors of zombies and xeno babys too), brain surgery (Heals brain but you can use Mannitol) but if it is not funcional you need brain surgery, heals some traumas too), phothesis organ manipulation (put limbs), coronary bypass (reives heart, you can quit and add a cyber heart or do vein muscled too), eye surgery (heals eye but you can use oculine) and repair bone fracture (repairs fracture). When you get tend wound Mixture use it, is the best one.

For you to know, if the organs are damaged doesn´t matter if they are funcional, the only ones that should be 100% are brain, eyes and ears (the last ones are cured with time, or oculine for eye or eye surgery and for ears inacuasiate, or you can quit and add cyber ones).

If you get a head and a body (souless) you need to put the head (if stills have soul). if the body is with not head but with soul give him mutagen.

if you have a head in hand and you wanna his brain click it witha sharp item and you willg et the brain, if this one is decayed, put it in robotics, they can make borg people but it is not the best, because that means that they die and started a new life.

Blood: Sometimes people have too little blood, too little blood will kill them instantly by suffocation. Grab a packet of blood of his blood type (-O works well, works with any blood type) and put it in the IV and drag the spray. Try to have 8% blood, then everything is fine tell him to eat something.

Things you can build and their use:

Printer: In the printer have health analizer, the adv one, huds, implants, cyber organs, beakers, syringes, bluespace syringes (hold 60 u, a normal one 15) or pierce syringe (this one let you inyect with hard suit people or just inyect with a normal one in the head) body bags, surgery tools, defibilators, basic cells, defibrillator mounts metal, glass, etc.

It is done

Computers: Gives you more surgerys and you can see the surgery steps and pacient health like i said (they only work in stassi or operating beds).

Computer frame (btw you can spin with alt click), wrench, put the operating computer board (in printer), screwdriver, cable coil, glass, screwdriver.

Stasis bed: This thing will prevent the reagent working, so the pacient will not die by toxin, he will not die too ebcause the oxygen and other things, but the most important thing of this bed, is that organs don´t decay (don´t get damaged if the body is dead).

Table frame wrench, add cacle coil, lifeform stasis unit board (in the printer), cable coil, cacle coil, capacitator, micro manipulator and screwdriver

Opetating tables: Better for make fast surgery but don´t prevent organ decay.

Make a Table frame with metal or metal rod, wrench and them put silver.

Defibrillator mounts, i mean the blue ones, the PENLIGHT, they charge the defibrillators.

In the printer

Autolathe: useful for get engineer tools or cable coil and other things like matters, micro manipulator etc. Good for make stasis beds.

Table frame, wrench, add cable coil, autolathe board (printer), glass, 3 matter bins and a micro manipulator and screwdriver.

How to setup Cryo:

First, click the Cryo cells, then grab the wrench and click the 2 O2 canisters, put 1 beaker in the 2 Cryo cells. Then go to the freezer, put 120 K and turn it on. And that is how you do it.

How to deal with Radation:

A shower quits radation, but anti radation, pentetic acid seiver and potassium iodine are great for doing that too. There are 2 types of radations the one that just affects the one who has it and the other everyone, if it is the second one put the subject in the whower fast. For know if somebody has radation you can use a analyzer, or hear a radation sound, or if the subject has green aura or if the subject says things in caps lock like FUCK. For quit mutations use Mutadone.

If the ai says something of radation go to main and get the pacients too, until this green thingy goes away.

How to revive somebody:

Needs a defibrillator with Battery, the pacient needs to have least than 180 brute or damage, and funcional heart and brain (if you wanna they go out stasis you need to take care of the other organs too. That are the only things you need for revive, if other organs or blood you need a stasis bed too.

Btw Is better for not oxigen loss revive with a lot of damage, if you have 170 brute, 10 oxigen loss, 100 brute, 80 oxigen loss. I recommend doing this if you have mixture tend wounds

Medbay places:

So we have 4 different medbays, they all have a:

Printer room: this place has the printers, lockers, medkits, a vending machine for healing things a clothes.


Stasis bed place: The place you are make surgery.

Cryo place: Place where the cryo is, the boxes are usually near them.


Abandonated Medbay: it is just in one map, Heliostation, but the good thing of this place is that you got some things like a vending machine, and some engi things, you even have a box (with blood or limbs) and other with body bags.

Entry: This one is usually is free but you can´t enterr mebay if somebody doesn´t open the door. You can grab chem the chem storage, some pills and usually there is a nanites machine.


Surgery rooms: Rooms with sometimes computers and they have operating tables, good for operating a head or sec for they doesn´t get steal (if you are cmo or borg you can´t bolt doors too). Or if medbay exploded or there are a lot of people or you just wanna be alone doing your thing.


Coffee room and bathroom: A room with some snack and coffee and a microwave. And a bathroom for cultist and hide cmo body being revs

Beds room: a place for ssr/afk people can sleep with not problem, sometimes there are psicology things there.


Psicologist room: They placer where Psicologist work and kills people.


Security room: The security place nobady use it and then somebody beak in for steal something.


Chemistry/Pharmacy. We all call it chemistry, but for you to know, the one that is in the entry of medbay and has 2 chem machines is the pharmacy, and the other one that is big and lonely is chemestry. In chemestry you can make plubing thigns aand make your chem where nobady bothers you most of the time but you have only one chem machine.


Morgue: A place for put souless bodys for keep medbay clean.


Cmo Office: Your boss office, when he equips his things in the locker and he has a suit for special situations like explosions or bad virus. There he has a laptop and a computer for give access to people. He also has a cat!. Sometimes the cat can be a pink rare cat and sometimes the cmo office has a back part, with nothing new.


Virology: The place where virologist work, he has his machine, storage, monkeys for experiment or make a vaccine, and he has a place for sleep time too or one for the monkeys for experiment.

Maintenace medbay: Try to not go there, kinda creepy.

Second vending machine place: This is the second vending machine, if you have the abandoanted medbay you have another, and the virologist has one too.


How to be Marrisa Way:

Marrisa is a tryhard medical doctor, i don´t like her, and i don´t like the things she has in the inventory but we will see what she has why and what i would do:

First her inventory:



This is just a example of what she gets, but this is what she does: Synaptizine, mannitol, seiver, cryoxadone, mutadone, oculine, inacusiate, formaldehyde, potassium (beaker), temp beaker, water (beaker), 4 aiuri (gel), 4 libital (gel), 10 patches de styptic y silver, anti radation, toxin, epenephrine, syriniver, multiliver, 2 saline glucose , unstable mutagen (qua beaker), epipen, covernol, iron pills, surgerical gel.

Ok lets see some things that she has:

  • The helmet she has is good for not being flashed, and repair bototics limbs, which is kinda stupid the last one because you will kinda never get a cyborg. Don´t heal borgos it is the robotics job not yours.
  • She has a chemestry bag, and not a tool belt, this is because you can have all the patches, bottle and pills there. You should try it, an easy way to get one is crafting it, graba entery gauze and click it with a sharp item, you will get cloth, you can make the chem bag there.
  • Multiliver - Toxin
  • Seiver - Toxin/Radation
  • Formaldehyde - Prevent organ to decay
  • Mannitol - Brain
  • Toxin - For heal slime people (fucking stupid, don´t do it, you will never get a slime people, if you do it will be souless, and just get one, and don´t grab one every round)
  • Surgerical gel - Make surgery 30% more faster
  • Oculine - Eye damage
  • Inacuasite - Ears damage
  • 10 auiri and 10 libital patches - Libital brute, auiri burn (don´t put a lot or organ damage). Listen to this, if you get 10 patches i will be fucking mad at you, don´t make that, grab if you wanna 5, but 10? you are medical doctor, paramedics don´t have surgery tools, you do, don´t be a dick.
  • 4 and 4 auiri gels: the same thing but they heal a lot of part at the same time (and they make toxin damage). Ok i am again mad, DON´T FUCKING GRAB 8 GELS (and remenber they give toxins).
  • Unstable mutagen quam beaker - this is for duplicate blood, being a quam beaker you can hold 400 u.
  • Medical pen - Just fucking drop it in the floor you will never use it, but if some reason you wanna it, just prop your pda pen adn put the medical one inside.
  • Sutures (brute) and regenerative mesh (burn) - They look bad but they are very good if you will heal somebody that is not you, because they are more fasted, just select the right limb.
  • Epipen and epinephrine- This is god, you can save somebody with this, stop bleeding and it has formaldehyde (the one you have in your box,your medic kit has one with none of the formal).
  • Gloves - In the image has latex ones but you wanan the Nitile gloves they are better.
  • Spaceacillin - Prevent spreading any virus.
  • Cryoxadone - Heals all damage but in a very cold ambient, idk why the fuck she have this.
  • Cure/Vaccine - Marrisa always make the cure or vaccine of the virus in a pandemic, i don´t recomend doing this mecause is kinda powergaming.
  • Saline glucose: Makes you recover blood, very useful, just not overdose people.
  • Iron pills: makes bleeding slow and heals brute, btw they are 30 u, in the image she has other 3 of 33,33 kinda dumb because she just can grab more in the medickit place, nobady grab them. Btw she doesn´t put the in the chem bag because she doesn´t have space, imagine not having space in your chem bag.
  • Synaptize: Hallucinations
  • Temp beaker - just a beaker when she uts the things she wanna warn up.
  • Dropper and syringes: dropper can hold 5 un and put 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4. Syringes have 15 u and can inyect 5 u.
  • Anti radation - Radation.
  • Mutadone - cleans mutations, good for the ones who have no head, monkey, cat people, hulk mutations, very useful.
  • Potassium and water - don´t do it, it is for make a bomb and it is a bad thing, she said it is for a blob, but it isn´t very good in a blob so, DON´T DO IT.
  • Bone gel and gauze - both are for surgery or heal the lessions, the gauze is for making cloth too
  • Organs a cyber organs - she gets the organs from the morgue, i would tell you not get organic because maybe they are non funcional. The cyber ones are good, just get surge they don´t touch radation or they will be fuck. She grabs eyes and ears too, if the ears are nonfuncional is good but with the eyes i prefer doing eye surgery is faster.
  • The engi tools are useful for making computers, stasis bed, reparing robotics limbs (again, useless), reparing borgos (don´t), is good for hacking too if yo uneed to escape or you are a antagonist (which she doesn´t), but the crowbar is useful anyway. The wirecutter for the windows bars and descontructing is good. I would tell you always try to get 2 cable coil, scredriver, wrench and a crowbar, and you will be good.
  • She has 3 small oxigen tanks. I just use one, i know that a lot of people use 2 but, Why 3?, don´t do it.
  • Covernol - for heal oxigen damage, she doesn´t put it in the chem bag because no space, really why you just don´t make space.
  • Syriniver - heals very good toxin but be careful because you overdose easy, i recommend doing put 5 u and wait.
  • Coffee - she grabs it always, no matter if the are no lings, i would do the same but if there are definitely no lings I would throw it away.
  • A drink - for overheart, i prefer the hercuri spray, stop fire and colds you.
  • She has a fire extinguisher, she could use a small one.
  • She has her id in the pda, which you wanna do, and she ahs a chaptain id, idk why.


Potassium iodine - radation, 10 u purges 100 radation.

Pentatic Acid - toxin

Neurine - basic traumas

Atropine - Very useful for critic people, heals all damages.

Upgraded cyber organ and organ box. - for using cyber organs.

Chemist tips:

  • You can make combinations with the machine with the bottom “record” but they well get delited when you upgrade and change the battery.

  • You can recharge the machine with a recharger.

Good things to make being Chemist

  • Formaldehyde patch (prevent organ decay 0.1 is what you wanna do)
  • Salicylic Acid patch (brute)
  • Pentetic Acid patch (toxin 10 u is ok)
  • Inacusiate bottle (ears damage)
  • Oculine bottle (eye damage)
  • Manitol bottle (brain damage)
  • Probital pills (brute)
  • Iron pills (brute and blood loss)
  • Covernol bottle (oxygen loss)
  • Multiliver bottle (toxin)
  • Leporazine (keep body temperature stable, useful for lizards)
  • Synaptize bottle (hallucinations)
  • Potassium Iodine bottle (radation)
  • Neurine bottle (brain basics traumas)
  • Syriniver bottle (toxin)
  • Atropine patch (all damage 15 u is ok)
  • Oxandrolone patch (this heals burn, not oxigen loss)
  • Syntaticflesh (brute/burn)
  • Unstable mutagen bottle (this is for people who need, no for heal)
  • Mutadone bottle (quits mutations)
  • Hercuri patch (burn)
  • Saline glucose bottle (recover blood)
  • Seiver bottle (toxin and radation)
  • Salbultamol patch (oxigen)
  • Stytic powder or libital patch (brute)
  • Silver sulfadiazine /auiri patch (burn)
  • Strange reagent - Heals organs and revives people, this bitch is very good, the problem is hard to do, but listen, CMO has 30 u of omnizine in his hypospray, explain to him that you wanna his omnizine, don´t say hypospray because you will look like an antagonist trying to steal his hypospray. If you get it. Go to the church and ask for 30 u of holy water. Make the unstable mutagen and if you have all, you will can do 3 bottles of strange reagent.
  • Any virus and disease cure you hear.
  • Large beakers - for the ones who need
  • Epinephrine (stabilizes critic people)

A good combo is making Salbu, stylic/libital and silver suft/auiri all in one 30 u patch for example. You can put a name and a description explaining what it does with the machine or a hand labeler

Remenber you can see what liquid it in a beaker witht he science googles.

Paramedics tips:

  • I don´t wanna this sound bad but, make your job, your job is seach crtic and dead people, not do surgery (you can have the basics ones like scapel, hemostat and cautery but is better doing your job). But you can revive them if you wanna (in medbay).

  • Put 6 u of formaldehyde and 24 of any other thing (if it is not lethal) like water. This will give 1 u of formaldehyde, so when the person gets out the stasis the formaldehyde will not make damage.

  • Make sure the pacient stop bleeding and stable for going medbay.

  • Epipen have formaldehyde (not the one that medics start with in their medkit)

  • Use your Handheld Crew Monitor for find people.

  • You have a crew pointer, but you can ask cmo to give his crew pointer (which he should not do).

  • If you don´t like roller beds, you can grab in yello intent until you grab agressivily and drag his spray to you, you can put him too in a bluespace body bag, but is kinda sus, maybe somebody will follow you.

How to be Cmo

First of all, who the fuck is Cmo?

Cmo is the one who makes sure that medbay is ok and doesn´t explode. Helps his team, and should know medicine, surgery, chemestry and virology.

:H for talk to medbay, :C to heads (and ai), and ; to everyone.

Starting put the radio headset load by alt clicking it, this will make your word in the chat big. Start by saying hello to the heads and that you are cmo, and to medbay deparment hello andsuit sensors, Grab the things of your locker, grab others things you need from vending machine, make cryo if it is not done, break the tables with the wrench and go to virology and say hello to viro, ask what is he doing, if he needs (something acces to chemestry/pharmacy or chem bag or something). I like to give him a chemestry bag for make his see that i am beutiful. And “call me when you are ready”, you can tell him send you a message, or find you or pda.

Then go to chemestry say to them the same as viro, but if you wanna you can ask them to make some chem you wanna, like formaldedyde mannitol, etc. For help chemestry upgrade they machine, give them better beakers, and put battery to their machine (remenber asking if there are recipes). And them make your chem for you and for some doctors, i highly recomend in the big chemestry for people don´t ask you things and for people don´t try to kill you (one time i was making chem and somebody did a bomb that if it warns up explode, it didn´t hurt me but fucked a little chem).

Now time to help medics, remenber always check viro for see if he is doing something deadly (even if there is no viro because somebody can enter) and remenber see if a head told you something or the ai. I like to ask head iff they are alive or good, sometimes they will not respond because don´t talk, not all the heads will be very comunicative.

For help the medics you can make the autolathe, stasis beds, computers chairs, putting more defibrillators and upgrade mounts, if they are in surgery you can give some chem like or organ they need or something, you can bring food medbay, give tools or things from the printer, curing diseases or bad virus. If a doctors in dead or critic in stasis is your time to show you are beutiful and cure them

Making the computers is easy because you have a screwdriver in chemestry and your locker, a whenchs in the vending machines and cryo, you even have 2000 money so you can buy them. The autolathe things like the micro-manipulator, you can get them in engi (you have access) or you can go to the primary tool storage and buy them. if you don´t have space use a body bag or a locker for put it in and drag.

If a head or sec is dead in medbay put them formaldehyde and put them in a separate room (surgery room and bolt door) vand save his id and Pda, and you do the surgery. Do it always with heads.

You can give more access in your blue computer in your office, put your id first and the people who wanna the access in it btw don´t give access to any randon and ask the reason. Remenber that
pharmacy and chemestry are 2 different things, but in the game we tell them both chemestry, if virologist wants chemistry put the access in chemestry and pharmacy. You can fire somebody too, like the chems for making drugs or viro for trying to kill the crew, but you need their id, and they can´t say you no when you fire them if they are not antagonist. If somebody wish to be a medical doctor for example, go with him to hop line and tell hop.

Sometimes cargo will give you a list with things they need from medbay, sometimes a chem, virus, tool or organ.

Now we know what a cmo is and do lest talk about who to survive being Cmo:

Don´t trust anybody, did they save you? i don´t care, did they give you a hug and a moth plushie? i don´t fucking care, did virolo make the best virus in the world? I DON´T CARE.

You have have 6 important things, your hypospray, your flash your compact defibrillator, your telebaton, a crew pointer, and your cat, wait your cat is not important (it is actually, keep it in the office, is a antagonist objective), your suit for Hpa is. Don´t give any if this things to anybody, just the compact defibrillator in the shutte if you wanna. Your telebaton and flash will save you from dying (i recommend having the telebaton near a pocket, not the flash because this one can be destroyed), and the hypospray is a antagonist objective. The crew pointer should be yours, in bad hands can be bad.

Being Cmo i recommend making craft improvised wives with cable coil and another wives for another making a improvised cola with metal. And i recommend having the things in your inventory for combat fast. like a saw and the telebaton. You can put poison in the hyposprap (or liquid electrified being etheral with your blood) but i recommend don´t using it in combat, just if you win. you can make a improvised stun stick and bats too for war. You have syringe guns too

Remenber pushing peoples to wall and things like that. The first hit with the baton doesn´t stun 100% and every hits hass a delay, i reccomend being in push mode with the telebaston, for hit him, push, then hit him again and if you did this you got him, make push, hit, push, hit, until you are ready to put the wives on him, you can put him in a bluesky bag, or even put him in medbay stasis he will not can escape and call sec or go to sec with him.

Don´t get near tables, if you see a guy standing a lot near you, and he ask you something he probably wanna kill you, you can somethings things, one is say no, the smart one, other is say ok, but going to the public chem and not the one that is alone (if you do you can close the door if you are fast). You can ask a medic to come with you too, i hope he loves you and don´t left. You can say wait here, and if he doesn´t do it you will tell him taht you will do nothing. And finally the most risk one, you can act liek you are making it, he waits that you open the wiki for seach the thing and or talk for attack you, act like that and when he is about to attack you fuck him, try to not get near tables, walls and near a public area.

In rev round you an prevent dying hearing flashes, see if people act weird looking a you, having saws in hand, look if the syringe guns were taken and things like that. If it is rev go the fuck out medbay to brig or sec and never come back, you will never can combact (and don´t traspass to sec armery, you only have access the entry if you wanna a weapon ask.

Surgerys like brainwash or pacifist, you need to ask captain, if captain died, hop., if captain is ask ask ahelp.

Virologist tips

*Resistance: Makes the virus hard to cure and hard to die from others do not replace it if the resistance is high than your transmission.
Stealth: Makes the virus don´t get seen in huds and analyzers.
Transmission: How fast and close your virus is transmitted
Stage Speed: Makes the virus stages complete faster.

*For make a virus vaccune, put your biohazard suit and helmet grab a monkey, put it in other room for not infect other mokeys, i recommend in a bed or handcuffs (you have there or you just can beat up the monkey). Infect him, cure the virus, grab his blood, duplicate it, make pills in chem and put it in the storage with the name “Vaccine”.

  • Work with beakers

  • Always make a copy of your virus in the table and storage

*I recommend making the bad virus in others bottles for neuter them more easily.

  • You can make some things with virus food, weakened, vurs plasma, and others for get some symtoms more easily because their level.

  • You can infinite virus food in your wall.

  • You have solid plasma that you can grind and get plasma, and you have more in the printer, or all the things that you need are in in chemestry, ask for them.

  • You can make a chem bag using gauze a nd a sharp item, making cloth and crafting it.

  • If your virus has a lot of transmission you won´t need to make pills.

  • If you do the cure of your virus and put it in chem everyone will love you.

  • If you wanna make a virus with a symtom like regen coma make it with no transmission for just the people who wanna it get it and cmo let you make the virus.

  • Use the dropper, is your primary tool.

Formaldehyde neuters a random symtom and Synaptizine quits a randon one.

  • If you wanna quit sneezing or cought from your virus, put another symton and then you can use synaptize in it, because you needed 2 symtoms. Other way is wait luck with the 5 or 6 symtom to quit it or making combination with 2 bottles viruses until you get what you wanna.

  • Some people make like 3 or 4 good symtoms this is a wweak virus, if you wanna good one make a 1 or 2 good symtoms (depends the stats).

  • Best viruses: Seft Respitation, Mind Restoration, Necrotic Metabolism, Sensorary Restoration, Radioctive Resonance and Nano Symptoms. Good viruses: Nocturnal Regeneration , Starlight Condensation, Regen Coma (if it is not for combat), Plasma Fixation, Tissue Hydritation, Viral Evolutionary Acceletarion, Weight Loss and Viral Self-Adaptation

  • If a space fish is trying to enter your office call cmo fast, he will call a aengi, kill the fish, and taco fish night baby.

  • If you are not an antagonist always ask cmo if he is alive to check your virus.

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