Tjatpbnj ban appeal

Byond Account:tjatpbnj
Character Name(s):forgot
Round ID of Ban:19342

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:The brig physician shot first.
I was not informed that the admin believed I was lying. I was simply banned.
It was war ops. I was taking the contraband locker to use it’s goodies against the nukies. The brig physician wordlessly attempts to take the locker away from me, before finally they begin shooting lethals at me. Eventually, they crit me, bring me to the brig, and another security officer heals me. I assault the brig physician (Nonlethally, there were only shoves, nothing that hurt the physician). I grabbed the temp gun, and shot at the brig physician on FREEZE as I left the brig, because I believed they were acting quite erroneously. They once again, responded lethally, shooting incendiary slugs and lasers at me. The fire caused by them walking into the path of the slugs burned their clothes off, so I stole their ID, hoping to get the locker back, which I did. At no point, did the brig physician attempt to detain me in any way that was nonlethal. My first interaction with them that wasn’t them grabbing the locker was an incendiary slug to the face. The wording “shot at a brig physician repeatedly with a temperature gun,” also implies there was more than one incident of me shooting them with a temperature gun, which there was not. There was only one instance of me shooting the brig physician, as I was leaving the brig, and they were chasing me.

All in all, the brig physician near wordlessly lethalled me over a contraband locker in a war ops round, the only way I retaliated against them was fisticuffs and freeze beams. The admin offered no indication that they believed I was lying, and I believed the matter was over with when I was banned. This behavior from a moderator is quite unacceptable.

You started shoving, aggro grabbing and throwing the Brig Physician before they shot you once.
Wordless assaulting security as a non antag isn’t a behavior we want here.
I don’t know why you would lie again about a conflict that you choose to start.

I will extend this ban for an additional week.