Traitor cook spaces captain despite no objective to do so, does not even bother taking accesses

Byond Account: Pepsilon
Character Name(s): Xar-See
Discord Name: Pepsilon#7751
Round ID: 13154
Griefer Byond account: Sam Fender
Griefer Byond name: Sara Coates
What happened:

I, as the captain, decided to go check on the SSD AI. I left the satellite and was on my way back to departures to return inside of the station (Due to the powersink, I wasn’t able to open the other closer airlocks) and on the way there, somewhere between cargo and xenobio, Sara Coates, in a EVA suit without an ID, unloads their gun onto me. They don’t take anything from me, they never once take off my PDA or backpack. They then drag me around and into the AI sat, once they’re done with their objective in there, they decide to space me.

Their objectives:

Where I ended up:

Dealt with thanks for the report