Traitor kills me for no reason

Beyond Account: DonMan12
Character Name: Dwight Walker
Discord Name: Donk #4450
Griefer Byond Account: Kacperpl123pl
Griefer Byond Name: Marczin Szebeszyszki
What Happened:
Round ID: 11996
I was walking around with a foam force shotgun and was just vibing when I saw waldo dragging a guy into maints, i came following after but it was dark so I couldn’t see, i just started shooting into the dark when i was then shot by a syringe and then shot with energy crossbow bolts, after i had died the guy stuffed me into a locker and had welded it shut pretty much removing me from the game.
Wasn’t anyone’s target so i assume he just didn’t like the foam bullets.

You forgot round ID, Waldo was in round 11996, and you made this grief patrol right after that round ended, probably round ID was 11996

yup i just realised that now

will look into it, thank you.

dealt with, thank you for the report!