Traitor murderboning

Byond Account: Musko
Character Name(s): Jessie Jhones
Discord Name: NA
Round ID: 22423
Date: 9/302022
Griefer IC name: Carl Guess
Griefer Byond account (if known): EveeKai

What happened: I really didn’t have a problem with it the first few times but, he keeps getting antag and he keeps heading to medbay murdering people at random with a double esword, and it being outside of his objectives.

  • In my round he murdered a paramedic and decapitated me (a Medical Doctor) for no reason

I actually have context for this. I was the other traitor this round, and Carl and I joined up when we both went after CE boots. I got killed fighting HoS in engineering, and we all wound up in medbay. Sec tried to arrest me, but luckily Carl took my d-sword, and attacked sec before they could cart me away to execution. Random crew then attacked Carl, and he proceeded to kill those people. I don’t think Carl attacked anyone who didn’t attack him first (or who came at him with a weapon) and he even spared a person I managed to talk into stepping back after initially joining the fray.

I can totally get how this looked like murderboning, but it was just one traitor being a bro to another traitor. I was Ahar Dorthanent for anyone who reviews this.

This is from a different round where you weren’t an antag, I think you are talking about another round where I was playing as warden.

Either way on that round he roamed the halls killing random crewmembers apart from valid hunters

not sure why it didnt show on end round report but they did in fact have both of you as targets so there really is no rule breaking here and thus i am closing this