Trevic's Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Trevic
Character Name(s): Trevor Dent
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Trevor#4247
Round ID of Ban: 12914
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal: Alright I’ll start from the beginning, I’m a Doctor in medbay when a hulk comes in saying he got injected and no longer wanted to be hulk, theres no mutadone so I crit him and tell a Mediborg to heal him as Im trying to tend to someone else aswell. This guy was fine with me critting him after he figured out why I was doing it. I tell the borg plenty of times hes fine, hes fine. But he keeps threatening to call security on me, We get the guy fully patched up and he goes SSD afterwards, I say alright whatever and keep doing surgery on people while the guy is SSD in good health pretty much right next to me. A few minutes pass and a guard comes in saying im under arrest for “Attempted Murder” I tell the guard plenty of times that I never tried to murder anyone, and the guy you are talking about is RIGHT next to me in good health. He doesnt listen at all and we get back to brig. The guard tells me the borg said I tried to kill him and left him out “To die” which was a blatant lie as I told the borg to heal him WHILE he was on the Stasis table. I make an ahelp report about it and was told its being looked into, in the meantime the warden lets me out because of no evidence (I dont know if admins had interfered yet). Keep in mind, this is attempted murder, I could be Executed or Permaed, and they actually brought up killing me. So im pissed, a borg just tried to have me killed at worst and permaed at best. I go get a flash and a circular saw (I already had a bluespace bodybag), I flash the borg and kill him then bluespace bodybag and chuck him out of the station. I personally believe this is totally reasonable for someone who literally tried to get you killed, not to mention a silicon who you would have much less of a hard time killing then a human psychologically speaking. After telling the admin all of this, He pretty much ignores everything I saw and doesnt respond at all to me, nor question anything and I end up with a ban thats like half of the story with broken up pieces which just makes me look bad. If the admin atleast talked to me more before just outright banning me and listened to my side I would be okay with it, but I just feel like I was treated pretty unfairly.

I was with you up until the “put them in a bluespace body bag and spaced them”. Silicons are still controlled by actual human players who want to play the game, and permanently removing someone from the round without due reason isn’t even acceptable for an antag let alone a regular crew member. Looking at your notes, this ban appears to have been placed correctly, so this appeal is denied. Please re-read our rules on escalation before your break is over.