Tristrian’s Mod App (Aka Svetlana & Others

  • Byond username:

  • Discord name:

  • Join date:

  • Hours you’ve been on the server:
    500 hours

  • When are you online or available to get on:
    For reference, I am on GMT +1 timezone.
    On weekdays, I’m available on the evening (18-24h)
    Sometimes I have two afternoons free (13-18h) too.
    On weekends, all of my day depending on my planning.

  • Role that you are on discord. (mentor, or contrib):

  • Do you have prior experience being a moderator:

I already joined as a “community helper” on a Minecraft Roleplay Server, which where I helped the staff to manage some rules and assist other players when needed. Otherwise playing head is like a moderator for your own reinforcement.

What is something you feel you do well:
I try to give advices and tips for every remark or criticism I make. Sometimes we can’t improve ourselves if we don’t know where to look at.
Otherwise, I also try to quote every reference to justify my actions when I’m in doubt. Like IC, if someone is punished, I refer at what they have done to show them proof of their errors.
I am also honest and direct, I don’t hide my feelings if I need to go on when things are serious.

I also have a bit of practice of using game panel, but I still lack of knowledge on how to use moderation tools.

  • What is something you wish to change:

I would like to make the server more Roleplay oriented, specialy about the “do your job” part on Roleplay expectations. I am already harsh on my departement when I play head, but there is a lot of times where station wide I see tides and “mutinies” like Cargonia.

I would like to prevent this kind of behaviour, while also making Centcom and Nanotrasen have a bigger role and impact on the station as the upper management. It’s more loud than a simple ban, and can make an example for the crew of what to NOT do.

But also, Centcom is not that evil, and good employes should also be rewarded. I played some rounds on another MRP server, and having Centcom reminding us our goals brought an incentive to work instead of slacking.


Finally! +1

A cool guy, I can see him helping in keeping the station safe, +1

you’ve got my +1

You have my +1. I’ve heard and seen great things from you, so it’d be good to have you the team, especially at that time zone.

Seems like a well-written app - it’s nice that you make an effort to justify actions. +1

Obvious and easy +1; your conduct both in-game and in Discord has been phenomenal, and I have no doubts about your ability to moderate effectively.

I agree, pretty easy +1 from me!

Just a treat to play with, amazing behavior all around. +1!

This has been accepted. Welcome aboard!

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