Two peeps randomly try and murder me

Byond Account: mxsterisk
Character Name(s): Zenari Morgan
Discord Name:Zenari#0168
Round ID:17012
Girefer IC name: Tony Spark and Brianna Callison
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: I was chilling in medbay helping CMO make vaccine pills when Tony Spark randomly comes over and lasers me.This was with no prior interaction and once he gets caught he suicides. Then a few minutes later I get attacked randomly by another person called Brianna Callison again with no prior interaction.She gets arrested and I have a security officer take her away as I was in danger of dying from my wounds.I simply thought I was an antagonist target but when I checked the end of round report I was not a target of any traitor nor was there a hijack/DAGD goal either.

The patrol has been dealth with, thanks for the report!