Two Posibrain Mechs Griefing on the shuttle

Byond Account: Ragathor

Character Name(s): Cornelius Adam

Discord Name: M3ra

Round ID: 11205

Griefer Byond account: Unknown x2

Griefer Byond name: Unknown x2

What happened: During the shuttle ride to CentComm, two of the posibrain mechs, a Gygax and a Clarke, started griefing, the Clarke began randomly drilling crew members, including myself, and the Gygax punched me into crit before we arrived at CentComm. I had no weapons out at the time, and there was no valid reason from the situation I could see, as to why they attacked me. Because they were posibrains in unnamed mechs (I.E. the mechs were called Gygax and Clarke), I do not know their byond accounts/ckeys, however Drackzo assured me these can be found through the logs etc once I post this grief report.

I was the captain then, they broke down all the walls on the Raven cruiser to body block, which is ok i guess? Then about a minute before centcomm they started drilling people that were trying to tide in, which given the fact that mechs were blocking, was impossible.

The thing is, there was nobody trying to tide in? One of the Clarkes killed the goat Pete, and then an Assistant maybe? Started hitting that Clarke with a cleaver in retribution for Pete, but he left at least a good thirty seconds to a minute before the Gygax crit me, and nobody else was even stood outside of the Command section than me really for all that time.

This has been taken care of.