Unban appeal, Misurn

  • Byond Account: Misurn
  • Character Name(s): Patana cactus
  • Discord Name: papi#7982
  • Round ID of Ban: #9690
  • Ban Message asd
  • State your appeal: I got to admit i got too full of myself in this case, as i had lag and was desesperate for the guy to not print the pinpointer and saw i got carried away and as a last resort i choose to simply attack with also a saw, what inspire the act whas mostly because they said they needed it to murder someone who stole their id, i certainly wouldnt have given any care if they had lied or done something different, but that mixed with how they were naively trying to get in from medical doctors that came in even after i refused to let them in felt somewhat as if they were breaking in, i didnt know what to do and maginng they getting away because sec naturally wouldnt arrest someone who hasnt killed yet just pushed me to desesperately trying to get them out, i pushed and attacked, i dont remember how the fight went really but from the way it was described i doubt i put them on crit, i imagine they got away or that i pushed them out, however the saw attack remains which is why i got banned yet given the chance to make an appeal
    i acknowledge a constant rely on harm intent that was forming around that time, specially from the fact i was praciticng surgery back then and always had sharp tools on hand, so always attacking with a saw at first sight of trouble was eventually going to cause something like this
    to be honest, if it actually kept going i would have gotten banned for killing isntead of attacking without valid reason

properly croppped ban msg

So I looked into this and between your terrible discord behavior which includes harassing multiple staff members, attempting to doxx multiple staff members and the fact you followed the progression system pretty heavily for the behavior you got banned in game for I’m not inclined to believe that you’ve changed in the last month. In fact your own appeal states that you don’t even think you put them in crit even though the logs show you put them to -70 health which crit is at 0 health.