Unlikely Duo Kill Unsuspecting Innocent

Byond Account: PazzyPaz
Character Name(s): Paz Ozymandias
Discord Name: Paz#8548
Round ID: 17822
Date: 12/4/2021
Griefer IC name: Silent Sorrow & Chase Bradley
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened: I was a bit busy off and on around roundstart as a paramedic. Psychologist (Chase Bradley) drags me into his office, and when I show him I’m not SSD he apologizes and says he was just trying to keep me safe, understandable. Around the same time, Mime comes into the office (Silent Sorrow). Since he’s willing to do so, I figure to take a quick bathroom break and go SSD. When I return, I’m straightjacketed, muzzled, and blindfolded. I try to move to show I’m not SSD but get buckled to the sofa. Psychologist leaves. Around the next few minutes, Mime breaks his bottle and stabs me to death. Psychologist returns, and my expectation is that he says something, does something, as Mime is still inside. In fact he just closes the door behind him, strips me of my important belongings, unlocks his closet, shoves me in there, and locks it. The two mess around in the office, not once communicating to each other (understandable for the mime but not psychologist.) So, they’re just traitors, right? Another psychologist signs up, goes into office, opens closet, notices my body, takes it to medbay to be revived. I get revived, report to sec, and sec arrests the two of them and perma’s them. I keep an eye on them for the rest of the round because their behavior is suspicious, and they still never seem to communicate with each other, only others. The round eventually ends, and it turns out there was no traitors, just a lone op. Not only did they murderbone without escalation or being traitors, but they also seemed to be working together outside of SS13.

this is being looked into now

Issue dealt with. Thanks for the report!