Valid Hunting Sci

Byond Account:Oleg the great
Character Name(s):Oleg
Discord Name:Oleg
Round ID: 25224
Date: 3/31/23
Griefer IC name:Unkown
Griefer Byond account (if known):Some guy su

What happened: I was an abductor that teleported into xeno bio, When I was kidnapping the one sci the other came in and started trowing objects at me repeatedly. They also dropped slimes out of their cages and came back with a stun prod and shivs in order to kill me.

You were in Xenobio and you were attacked by scientists who were all actively working there.

You “trespassing” into their department (well sub-department) and doing abductor things to their coworkers to which they respond by attacking you does not constitute as them validhunting you.