Validhunting, atmos tech

Byond Account: ilovejerma
Character Name(s): Taryn Rahl
Round ID: 24956
Griefer IC name: Oleg

What happened: I’m a heretic, fighting the clown and hos in service maint. Clown yells “SERVICE MAINT” before he’s crit. Oleg the atmos tech comes in, starts shoving me, drags the hos out of maint (he was only a couple tiles away from the maint door) into atmos, and then keeps following me deeper into maint to keep shoving me, still going at it when more sec arrives. He went out of his way to respond to a crime in action, and not just dragged a body away to try to save someone, but went after me. It was solely do to him repeatedly shove stunning me that I was captured, as I would have been able to move and run away from the sec officer that later came.

I can say my side I was setting up a burn room in atmos I heard commotion in atmos maint and i saw him killing the hos and a clown. I dragged the hos off to safety and the other atmopehrics tech said he would epi him. So I tried to save the clown by shoving I didn’t harm him at all and a sec officer showed up and stunned and arrested him. I did not do any arrests or harmed him at all I was just trying to save the dying clown.

I’ve looked into this and can safely say that being shoved 4 times in the span of 6 seconds in the same sector of maints (coordinates difference of 3 total) without any further interactions afterwards doesn’t constitute what I would consider valid-hunting