Validhunting paramed killed me by risking his own life

Byond Account: Protonyashka
Character Name(s): Xestia Hamifera
Discord Name: ThinLiz_76#0088
Round ID: 26082
Date: 05.24.2023
Griefer IC name: Spa-Ghet-E
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: As a traitor, i went through to the final objective. I spread romerol among crew and was moving mainly in space, cause of angry crew running around in search of me. At some point i was flying infront of departures, and in that moment there was paramed with disabler and lasergun. He immediately started trying to disable me, but i dodged it. Then, he started firing with lasergun, and i flew away. Next thing i saw while was texting in radio is this paramed, without any space defence (not including tempadapt mutation) killing me with lasergun on purpose and the dragging into station. He had no a single reason to kill me now, so that would count as validhunting.

Hello there! I have added here a screenshot straight our rules page section: “Guide on acceptable antag killing” (found at the very bottom of the rules) and as you can see from there crew are allowed to kill traitors acting on their final objectives.

This response is based purely on your description of the events and based on it the crewmember had the right to murder you. If you wish for a proper log dive I will leave this open for the time being (day or two) so you may respond to this message.

After sitting open for a while this has been finally looked into, however as Zhepyrlions response states this is IC in accordance with out acceptable guide of killing.