Warden and Detective get's cat/bunny ears thrown on them. Proceed to shoot lethals and murder the mime

Byond Account: fattyboomboom
Character Name(s): Jacob Smith, Stripes
Discord Name:
Round ID: 13844
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Archie Faqua, Romanus Atari

I was a mime and I collected some cat and bunny ears. I encountered three security members in the middle of the halls. I had encountered one detective before - in that interaction we threw hats at each other playfully. That detective went away and I threw a cat and bunny ears onto the warden and the other detective but they weren’t happy. I then threw the detectives fedora back onto him (no damage) and the wardens’ hat onto some random.

The detective, Romanus Atari, decided the best course of action was to shoot their revolver in the middle of the hall at me endangering bystanders. Then him and the warden cuff me, strip my bag in the hall so anyone could grab it. After searching my bag and saying I’m clean they stripped me completely naked in the hall. I try to put my stuff back on as they removed my cuffs but the warden cuffed me again and kicked me to death while dragging me to the brig. All while leaving my stuff in a common hall area.

After being revived I was brought back to the brig and told by the warden I was going to be permanently placed in a cell until he got his hat back which I shook my head and after he uncuffed me in the cell I pushed him to try to leave as that’s ludicrous. This happens twice and I then try to get the attention of the hop by pointing at the warden - the hop then stuns me and the warden lies to him that I have a freedom implant because I got out of cuffs twice - when in fact he just uncuffed me twice. The hop told him to perma me or execute me with caps auth. He puts me into the gulag teleporter for perma when I have to break my vow to get the attention of the lawyer who gets HoS’s attention who sets things straight.

As far as I’m aware during the long interaction with the detective and the warden I did no harm. Yet the detective shoots lethals at me and the warden kills me and tries to perma me once in the brig and twice at the gulag.

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Dealt with!