Worst Warden Record

Byond Account: Meowosers
Character Name(s): Beefin Stevin
Discord Name: MowMow#2014
Round ID: 23642
Date: 12/18/2022
Griefer IC name: Leon Krause
Griefer Byond account (if known): Not Known

What happened:
I was an assistant early in the round. I decided to get as many plants as possible and put them in front of security just as harmless fun. Warden (Leon Krause) runs out with two energy guns, starts trying to disabler me, and misses every shot. I taunt them a bit and then a borg flashes me and drags me in to a cell. Warden still isn’t saying what crime I’ve committed. I have an arm missing at this point because I was going to try something unrelated. I leave the cell, run around the brig. and the warden tries and fails repeatedly to disabler me.

They still aren’t saying why I’m being arrested, and then for some reason after I shove them a couple times they swap to lethals and start trying to kill me. I get put in near crit when the Borg from earlier takes me away to medbay after realizing the Warden is BS. When I get there the Borg tells me I’m wanted now because the Warden set me to arrest in the records.

I go back to security because I want to talk about what the hell the Warden was doing. As soon as I get there, the warden runs up and starts disablering me. They can’t cuff me and instead start beating me (again I have not done anything hostile this entire time). Det also arrives but goes along with the Warden.

They keep failing to tell me what I’m being arrested for, and things calm down in a separate room after. I lie about having a bomb to get the Warden to screw off and let me talk to the Det. I finally start talking to the Detective when the Warden runs in and starts lethaling me and sends me into crit.

Once I’m in crit, things get worse! Warden decides to send me down to the labor camp IN CRIT. I die soon after and a couple minutes later they come down to the camp and find my dead corpse. AI appears on the nearby holopad and the Detective lies about me being a traitor to the AI, and soon after the two leave the labor camp on the public shuttle a few building away, leaving my corpse in the camp.

This warden also spent ALL ROUND doing this. Ignoring both traitors and being hated by most of the crew after the AI talked about them. I would also like to point out 45 seconds before round end they randomly started shooting people on the shuttle after saying “genovide”. This ended up killing a random assistant that had done nothing.

They had no reason to be attempting to arrest me, nor any reason to ever use lethals on me. I had committed no crime and had never tried injuring them or doing anything to cause me to be perceived as too deadly to keep alive.

They honestly seemed like they had no clue about space law and was just playing warden as an excuse to have weapons.

handled thanks for the report!