Wrongful Ban Ekaterina von Russland

Byond Account: Ekaterina von Russland
Character Name(s): Candice Garland
Discord Name: None
Round ID of Ban: 16138 

Ban Message (copy and paste): 

“Reason: Round 16138 - You abused your power as captain to abuse the crew and murder multiple crew members. Your job should have been to HAVE security arrest those committing “mutiny” and then authorize execution, not to be judge, jury, and executioner. Your actions were well out of line for command expectations and you caused massive chaos in an already chaotic round. This is enhanced from 3 days due to the number of murders committed.”

State your appeal (forgive the length, context is important):

B. Bizz spent the entire round trying to encourage a mutiny against me despite not being an antagonist. Puppis T (deputy), Expunged-The-Redacted (security officer), Michael Hegarty (warden), Rick Hick (engineer), and Todd Howard (scientist) walked into the bridge and tried to ““arrest me””, which they do not have the authority to do and constitutes mutiny. They declared this intention several times via radio.

Michael Hegarty tried to storm the bridge alone at first, to commit mutiny, act which he admitted several times despite not acknowledging that it is mutiny, even though arresting the captain without central command authorisation is mutiny as stated in Fulp Spacelaw | Fulpstation Wiki (under glossary: mutiny), which he, was a warden, should know.

Contrary to what Tyrrano implies in his ban reason, I did not have the option of having him arrested and executed in the brig. In fact, I did try to have him arrested and executed in the brig, which I ordered the other warden to do via PDA (the other warden was only member of security I knew was loyal). Security did not comply, and allowed him to go all the way to the bridge to attack me, which proves they were either in on it (which is the case for Expunged-the-Redacted and Puppis T) or negligent.

He said I should “HAVE security arrest those committing mutiny and then authorize execution, not to be judge, jury, and executioner” which makes no sense, given that security itself was committing the mutiny. Tyrrano expected me to have ordered security to arrest the mutineers, which: a) would not work (keep in mind that security was part of this mutiny); and b) I did do, several times. They did not obey.

After the warden stormed the bridge, I managed to detain him with my energy gun on non-lethal mode. Since I did not have handcuffs (I checked my bag), I could not arrest him, nor could I have security arrest him since: a) they were part of the mutiny; b) there were mutineers, both security and non-security, between me and the brig. In defence of self, given that I had nowhere to go as the lawless AI had bolted the doors, and he would undoubtedly have attacked me once he got up, I executed him on the spot for mutiny, which is a capital offence under crime code 505. Under “use of deadly force”, it says the following: “situations which would warrant a Code Red, such as: full blown mutinies (…) automatically authorize lethal force.” Deadly force here is authorised by “code red situation”, “multiple hostiles”, as well as “armed and dangerous”. Keep in mind capturing him alive was not an option, as above explained.

Tyrrano arrived midway through the mutiny and I ahelped immediately about the self-antagging, thinking it would finally be resolved now that an admin was online. He failed to stop them while it was going on (though, to his credit, he was trying to inform himself by reading logs before taking action), he failed to punish the perpetrators, he banned ME, the victim of their griefing, with the reason that I should have done something that was impossible (as above explained). I’m guessing this is due to peer pressure - the fact that there were several people mutinying as opposed to only me (and one warden) defending, several people which undoubtedly misrepresented the facts to Tyrrano. The fact that they were several people does not mean they were right to break the rules and self-antag.

He (Tyrrano) then proceeds to blame me for the chaos when I was its victim and, in actuality, B. Bizz spent the entire round inciting it and, at least to my knowledge, received no punishment.

Summary: Tyrrano arrived midway through mutiny by self-antags, I immediately ahelped. After around 40 minutes, he bans me stating I should’ve done certain things (that I did), and shouldn’t have done certain things (that I had no option but to do). Presumably, he missed important context while reading the logs in a rush.

I was told not to file a grief patrol separately when I asked about making a complaint, and to make an appeal instead, that it would all be reviewed. Please do.


I’m looking into this (as well as treating this as a grief patrol against the 5 players you mentioned by name) but there’s some stuff I’d like to clarify. Is it okay if I DM you? I noticed you don’t have a Discord listed.

Considering the mutiny involved multiple security members and you were playing captain (and thus had the authority to execute players for mutiny) and you contacted staff in advance in order to get this resolved, I do not feel this ban was placed correctly, and your appeal has been accepted. I’m still looking into this, but it’s obvious that you were not at fault here.