Xenobiologist griefs bar with golem

Byond Account: fattyboomboom
Character Name(s): Jacob Smith
Discord Name:
Round ID:
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: James B Coin, Plasteel Golem (39)
What happened:

I spent the entire shift serving bots when James comes in and starts fooling around, so I tell them to “stop fooling around” they proceed to throw a bluespace shelter at the bar area to try to launch one then asked for it back because it didn’t work. I told him it was going into disposals and then shot him with bean bags to try to get him out of the bar. He proceeds to tell the golem to “fuck him up”, the golem then climbs over the counter and kills me. I spent 90% of the rest of the round in medbay.

Hi, do you happen to know the round ID? I can’t really look into this without knowing that.

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Closing, as it has been over a week and still no round ID. Please be sure to include this so we can investigate in the future.