10+ Bartenders Self Antag and Tide Brig

Byond Account: hazyassaulter
Character Name(s): Hazy Assaulter
Discord Name: Hazy Assaulter#2813
Round ID: 13918
Griefer Byond account: Multiple
Griefer Byond name: Multiple
What happened: Selenestation spawned about 10 bartenders, who decided to self antag as Revs. It happened be an actual rev round, but these guys self antagged without ever getting converted. Stormed brig, killed heads, it was altogether a very rule breaking round.

Had to hop off and couldn’t provide as many details as I wanted. The tide also broke into the armory and stole weapons. I saw crew complaining in dead chat about getting killed even though they weren’t mind shielded, but I don’t know if that was by self antags or legitimate revs.

Wait if this is the deputy then, this is the same guy who buckled cuffed me without a timer, then didn’t let me out of brig when I got out of the buckle cuff, and also he was using lethals on people who didn’t need it.

btw it was 16 bartenders

I was the HoS for this round. Apologies if a deputy was griefing you. This round was a mess.

I was captain this round, to my knowledge only a number of the mutinous bartenders were actual revolutionaries. While I tried to use non-lethal means to contain the bartenders, some of them retaliated with both lethal and non lethal weapons. Obviously the revs are free to capitalize on the situation but tiding a restricted area of the station without antag is a big no no.

I specifically checked the end round for bartender revs because I wanted to congratulate them for doing great RP as revs IF they had actually had been rev heads / been converted. If I remember correctly only two were.

So apologies for the delay on getting back to you, the round in question had 15 bartenders and not all of them were guilty of raiding security as non revs (as you noticed a couple were revs, but also a few bartenders never were in security to begin with). So I had to individually check each bartenders involvement in the round on whether or not they participated in the raid at security.

While I won’t be sharing the usernames of all the innocent or guilty parties involved, rest assured that this has been handled and appropriate action has been taken for those involved.

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